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Invite-to-follow spam has been such a big problem in the past that LinkedIn previously removed the ability to invite connections to follow company pages.

The ability to do this was only brought back in November of last year. Now, LinkedIn is introducing new safeguards to prevent abuse.

Matt Navarra shared a screenshot on Twitter showing a new credit system that LinkedIn is introducing to limit follow invites.

LinkedIn Page Invitation Credits

LinkedIn is giving Page admins 100 credits a month that can be used to invite connections to follow their Page.

An invitation is equal to a credit.

Credits are returned if invitations are accepted. So, in theory, admins can send more than 100 invites per month as long as some of their invites are accepted.

If a key part of your audience building strategy has been inviting connections to follow your Page, then you should strongly consider using these invites each month.

Why? Because there is no benefit in not using them.

Credits do not roll over from month to month. That means you can’t, for example, rack up hundreds of credits and make a massive invite.

If the credits are not used, then they are essentially wasted. And 100 credits is a reasonable amount if you send these invitations to people who are likely to accept them.

It is worth clarifying that if a page has multiple administrators, the 100 credits must be divided among all of them. LinkedIn is not giving 100 credits per admin per month.

The one-page invitation credit limit renews on the first day of each month.

LinkedIn’s move to a credit system for Page Follow invites is even stricter than previous measures it had in place.

Page admins used to be able to send out 50 invites per day. If admins hit that limit every day, they would be sending about 1,500 invitations per month.

Needless to say, that limit has been lowered considerably.

In addition to this new credit limit, LinkedIn Page Admins still have to adhere to existing restrictions on sending Page Follow invitations.

Other Restrictions on LinkedIn Page Follow Invitations

Here’s an update on the other restrictions LinkedIn has to limit who can send Page Follow invites.

Only Page admins with less than 100,000 followers can invite their connections to follow.

If an admin has less than 3 connections, they will not have the option to send invitations to follow the page.

Only one invitation can be sent per member.

There used to be an option for Page admins with less than 500 connections to send invitations to all of their connections at once. That option has obviously been removed.

With all of these restrictions, LinkedIn users can still opt out of Page Follow invitations from their account settings.


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