What gadgets have surprised the most at CES 2022?

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What are the latest trends in technology and electronics? Well, many, I’m telling you. It is a constantly evolving sector. Proof of this are the devices that are presented each year at CES.

In this blog I have already shared those from previous editions, 2020 and 2021. But now it is time to mention some curious gadgets that have been presented at CES 2022.

I tell you about it in this episode of the podcast and below I leave you linked all the products mentioned as well as more detailed images or videos.

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Prinker, the machine to make temporary tattoos

You can now get tattoos with an end date and waterproof. Prinker is a temporary tattoo artist that allows you to impregnate your own designs or choose from more than 11,000 uploaded by other people.

Linklet, a hands-free camera for streamers

It is worn over the shoulders and allows 4K recording without the need to hold the camera.

linklet streamers

Mor, the patch to treat premature ejaculation

The Morari Medical company has released a curious wearable. It is a patch called Mor, which is placed in the perianal area and is designed to treat premature ejaculation.

This video explains it better.

What gadgets have surprised the most at CES 2022? A premature ejaculation patch and a biometric collar for dogs are some examples. click to tweet

Invoxia biometric dog collar

Another wearable, this time to measure the health of the dogs. Invoxia has released a smart collar with sensors capable of measuring the heart rate, breathing, physical activity and even sleep of dogs.

invoxia smart necklace

Archelis: the exoskeleton to avoid body fatigue

I would like to highlight an exoskeleton for the legs called Archelis, ideal for people who spend many hours on their feet.

Liddle Speaker: the magnetic speakers

These speakers are not a panacea but they do have a differentiating touch and that is that their base is magnetic. This makes them perfect if you have an iPhone with MagSafe to be able to amplify your smartphone’s audio while also supporting it.

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