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With sports betting continuing to grow even further despite the fact that it is already highly popular around the world, there is a growing need from bettors who wish to be able to access the latest sports bets available in an instant.

Indeed, the introduction of smartphones and tablets has helped the iGaming industry in a way in which they perhaps would never have expected it to, with sportsbooks and other gambling operators now able to provide users with a new level of accessibility to their services.

Betting apps are one of the biggest innovations to have been created in recent years, with these available to be downloaded on an individual’s device and be accessed wherever they are able to acquire a working internet connection. Unibet’s betting app in Arizona is one that the state’s population will now be able to enjoy as sports betting has finally been legalized within the region.

However, what are some of the must-have features that every betting app should come with and that punters can expect?

Easy user experience

User experience is perhaps one of the most important things that an operator and its web design team need to think of when it comes down to creating a betting app to use. Whilst it might not be a feature that provides something related to the gambling process, there is no doubt that the simpler the layout and navigation is, the more likely that punters will be to use it on a regular basis and remain a customer.

Of course, one way in which companies have managed to do this is to provide them with the same colors and designs that their traditional website platforms consist of, whilst also introducing accessible links that feature in prominent positions, therefore keeping things as seamless as possible and perhaps rather familiar, especially for those who have never used it before.


Before getting into the actual sports betting facilities that all bettors would love to see be implemented in an app, there is a need for a top security feature. Users will want to know that they are protected each time that they use the platform, whilst also being reassured that their personal data – including financial data – is as secure as physically possible and cannot be hacked by individuals who look to try and attack the sportsbook.

Security features can come in a variety of different ways, with software such as encryption and other technologies being used, whilst the gambling licenses that have been acquired will also ensure users of the betting app are protected.

Betting markets

Now, to the actual betting features. One of the must-have features that a betting app should have and be able to provide users is all of the sports betting markets that are available to punters if they were to use a traditional computer.

It is no surprise that sports betting has moved over to mobile devices in recent years due to the continued hunger and desire punters have, which is also coupled with the fact that a wager can be placed almost anywhere an internet connection can be had. It would, therefore, be rather disappointing if a betting app did not have each of them available and forced a user to have to seek an alternative.

Live betting and up-to-date odds

Additionally, it is imperative for a betting app to provide punters with the most up-to-date odds and the ability to be able to place wagers whilst the action is taking place; otherwise known as live betting.

This type of betting is one of the most enjoyable and popular forms of sports wagering available, and many will only ever place a bet on what is happening at the time it happens as it can provide them with the quickest potential returns.

Account management

Another must-have feature that a betting app should have is the ability for punters to be able to access all areas of their account and manage certain details that can help to further enhance their overall gambling experiences.

Features such as personal data should be available to access and amend when possible, whilst punters should also have access to their preferred payment methods where they are able to input the details required to make a financial transaction, such as making a deposit or a withdrawal.

Additionally, they should also be able to access settings that let them tailor their experience, including those that allow them to take a break and opt out when they feel their hobby is becoming a little more than just that. Operators have a responsibility to protect their players and offer help, so this feature would have to be considered a must-have.

By Geeke