We celebrated "International Book Day" with 5 Argentine Booktubers

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On April 23, “International Book Day” is celebrated, the date was established by UNESCO, with the aim of promoting reading, the publishing industry and the protection of intellectual property through copyright.

In turn, April 23 is a special day in the world of letters since that day, in 1616, Cervantes, Garcilaso de la Vega and Shakespeare died (with some exceptions, since Cervantes actually died on the 22nd, but was buried the 23rd, and as for Shakespeare, that April 23rd corresponds to the Julian calendar, still in force in Elizabethan England).

However, 406 years after the departure of those mentors and representatives of the literary universe, there is now a community of creators on YouTube who share their passion for literature and promote the habit of reading.

Booktubers, as these book influencers are called, promote this habit, either through electronic devices or in analog format, and capture millions of followers who daily look for their next reading, or debate, as a result of what is currently being read.

According to Google searches, in the world, there is an increase in interest in these communities as of May 2020.

That is why on this commemorative day we present these influencers who, with very different styles, create entertaining and illustrative content about what they love most: Books.

5 Booktuber you have to know

With 67.5 thousand subscribers and more than 1 million total views on her channel, Victoria is one of the booktubers that saw great growth on her channel, which was created towards the end of 2020.

In this space, share some typical content of this community, such as recommendations and reviews, bookshelf tour, book haul and challenge, among others.

As well as different styles and genres, from youth books to classics, police and fantasy books. She also took her passion for literature even further and became the author of Reino de Papel, published in early 2022.

We celebrated

Present on YouTube since 2013, this booktuber started his channel with a review of The Perks of Being Invisible by Stephen Chbosky. Since then, his channel has grown, forming a community of more than 35,000 subscribers and exceeding one and a half million total views.

In addition to recommendations and reviews, this creator shares live read-a-thons with his followers. In these broadcasts that last between 3 and 5 hours, he promotes the habit of reading by applying the pomodoro technique and, as a result, together with his audience, they are about to reach the milestone of 500,000 pages read.

But in addition to content about books, on his channel you can find reviews about literary adaptations to movies or series, such as Through My Window and the trilogy of To all the boys I fell in love with.

We celebrated

Reviews and recommendations on literature related to the horror genre are the contents that predominate in this space. But you can also find reviews of other genres, such as romance and suspense.

On his channel, which has more than 27.5 thousand subscribers and more than 1.8 million total views, you can find several videos that stand out for their reach and popularity that focus on two classic authors: Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe. Also, this creator broadcasts live together with Martín Rondina, another outstanding booktuber in the horror genre, to share readings and reviews with the audience.

We celebrated

His channel, created in March 2021, already has more than 10 thousand subscribers and more than 235 thousand total views. Its aesthetics and content seek to approach especially a young audience. An example of this is one of her latest videos that takes up the songs of one of the artists of the moment, Olivia Rodrigo, with a booktag based on her album, Sour.

On the other hand, this creator is part of a reading club along with other Argentine booktubers. In Un Re Club, they discuss a book while interacting with their audience through chat. In addition, each edition is made on the channel of a different booktuber.

We celebrated

Lola and Sol are the two creators who are in charge of this channel that began at the age of 19 to bring classic literature closer to younger people. In this sense, some of his most popular videos are related to the recommendation of classics for beginners and tips for reading Borges’s work.

But in addition to reviews and recommendations, on their channel they share visits to bookstores; special content, such as a series of videos on Argentine female authors; and even guides to buying used books.

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