Virtual reality began way back before you probably even knew that you were engaging in it. For instance, times, where you are casually playing games on a screen, makes you very much involved in an actual VR gaming experience. 

However, gaming has come a long way from just a screen. With VR, you can have an experience so real that at the end of it, your mind and thoughts will wobble because of going through something so real but not at the same time. This feeling, however, is only achieved if you indulge in quality VR experiences.

The global AR and VR market is expected to grow to $209.2 billion by 2022.

Since the evolution of technology can be so beneficial, you ought to walk this path, know its basics and be thorough with the upgrades. 

That said, let’s know all about VR! 

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a fully digital immersive experience that stimulates or completely differs its users from the real world. Specifically talking, the term itself means the existence of a digitally generated, three-dimensional computer world. 

The basic idea that VR follows, of interacting with a digital world, is not something new. Movies like Spy Kids, which was released almost two decades ago, brought the concept of interacting with the digital world easily on the big screens. 

All it needs are a few basic but absolutely mandatory equipment like VR glasses and a headset, and you’re set to experience something out of the world (real world, literally). 

Uderstand the Difference between VR and AR in this video here,

The ‘secret spice’ to this kind of technology is that they use human sensory organs; since everything we think is real is based on the signals from our senses. These senses make realities unique for each one of you and this is where VR takes it even further. It stimulates your senses digitally, based on computer information to make your mind believe that you are in a virtual world. 

It doesn’t end here though, VR experiences are not limited to just gaming. What is VR gaming? you may ask, This means, from social networking to education to marketing, this new technology has spread like wildfire, enabling people to present their works impactfully and creatively. 

Different Types of Virtual Reality Experiences

VR Gaming experience

A bird-eye view of virtual reality brings three categories to turn the world around us upside down. These are – fully immersive, semi-immersive and non-immersive virtual reality. 

Let’s dive into them one by one. 

1. Fully-immersive Virtual Reality 

Fully immersive virtual reality, probably, is the kind that you think of when you think about VR. This means, an image of a person fully packed in headsets, huge VR glasses, surrounded by some suspension apparatus and gloves is the one known as a fully immersed VR. 

This kind is generally seen to be used in gaming, entertainment and arcades or even at home (note: empty, non-fragile room advised)

As for the level of thrill, a fully immersive VR gives a complete makeover to your real-world by teleporting you into a virtual one. Basically, it provides the most realistic experience, with sounds and effects. Not only that, the high-quality goggles give you enough range to match the real eyesight, which means whether you are fighting or running after the bad guys, you will witness reality in the virtual world. 

2. Semi-immersive Virtual Reality 

As the name suggests, a semi-immersive VR provides its users with a partly virtual world to communicate with. To understand this fully, think of education and training where this kind is majorly used via projectors and large graphical computing. 

For instance, think of a game where you enact a pilot, so the screen will make you believe that you are actually flying, but the instruments and operating pads in front of you are real. 

All in all, a semi-immersive VR creates a physical environment to support the virtual one, so that you feel the thrill of being in another world. 

3. Non-immersive Virtual Reality 

These are the most common type of Virtual Reality, which is why it is often forgotten that they were the actual roots of this technology. 

A non-immersive virtual reality is where you are playing an average video game wherein you are sitting in a physical environment, interacting with a virtual screen. 

The basic VR is this one, however, with advances in the gaming industry; this has made the idea of gaming flourish in the market. Put simply, technology has, yet again, shown us its capabilities in this field. 

5 Best VR Gaming Accessories

That said, here are some of the amazing VR gadgets that you can use for a nuanced VR gaming experience! 

1. Birdly

Birdly vr gaming

People have always longed to fly like a bird and when paired with challenging games for you gamers out there, it becomes a heavenly experience all together. 

That said, Birdly is an essential gadget that you can consider to install for your next VR experience. It makes you believe that you are flying around in the digital world like a giant bird once you have strapped it around you. 

Since it is a relatively new technology, not many games support it. But to experience it even once is definitely worth all the effort and money that you will spend on it. 

2. Hands Omni 

VR Gaming

Virtual reality has spread like wildfire in recent years and with advancing technologies, it provides very good audio and video experiences in the gaming industry. 

One major element that has come to designers’ notice is that these experiences lack a sense of touch experience. That brought them here, to design a device named ‘Hands Omni’, which is basically a glove that lets you feel the objects you see in the game. This is possible through use of the latest haptic technology

This device, however, is still under research and development but the designers claim that a working prototype is ready to go under observation. 

3. Sixense STEM

VR Gaming experience

In addition to walking around, running on a beach or flying through the skies on a dragon’s back, there are other experiences that games require of us. There are many peripherals available on the market which help us to accomplish tasks within a game while also immersing ourselves in the world we’ve created.

Sixense STEM is one such device, and it can be used to track motions made with our hands and head as well as the movement of our body so that we can truly experience situations in what is sometimes referred to as “the real world”. When done right, these experiences can sometimes be more than enough for consumers who want something more than just better gameplay mechanics, such as baseball in VR for example!

4. The Void

VR Gaming experience

The Void is actually a combination of many different accessories to create an ultimate gaming experience inside virtual reality space. It’s like using the laser tag but the environment around you is transformed from your living room into a futuristic texture or treacherous icy terrain, or a battlefield!

5. Leap Motion

VR Gaming accessories

The Leap Motion is a VR accessory that was released in the market for quite some years now, but it has received a new lease of life as a VR accessory with the release of Virtual Reality (VR) gadgets such as HTC Vive and Oculus VR. This device can be mounted onto VR headsets via a redesigned adapter and works with various other gaming platforms including Microsoft Windows 10.

5 Best Free VR Games To Try

With advancements made in the gaming industry, many games were created by video game enthusiasts for their own pleasure or to improve their technical skills.

However, among these games only a handful of them are fully realistic and immersive. After much research conducted across various forums and websites, an astounding list comprising of 5 free VR games was compiled that will leave you awestruck just by looking at the visuals.

1. Archangel: Hellfire

Best Free VR Games

The single player campaign was not so impressive because of its uninspired plot, on-rail movement system, and mediocre set piece moments BUT Sky dance Interactive heard the feedback and is now proud to announce their latest upgrade – the deep, hardcore multiplayer mode with improved PvP.

The third generation title with improved gameplay features including improved animations and visual effects, millions of ways to customize weapon combinations, in-game currency for buying/upgrading new equipment and visuals with enhanced graphics in an immersive 3D environment is Archangel Hellfire.

2. Milkyway Funland

Best Free VR Games

Games are getting more fun every day. Have you tried out Milky Way Funland yet? It’s the first game of its kind! When you first start playing it, you’ll be on an intergalactic spaceship with so many unbelievable rides and things to see, like the past, present and future. You can choose to enter a cartoon-like area or become a space warrior in fighting monsters. Just try it!

3. Propagation

Best Free VR Games

You are stuck in the abandoned subway station where hideous beasts are roaming around. Each game experience last about 30 minutes but can be very stressful, scary and sometimes completely mind-blowing when it’s all over. Propagation is much like Brookhaven, an older VR application which you can download in PlayStation store.

It will greatly appeal to those who seek for horror games with deadly creatures in them, which hardly let you move away from being killed in this frightful place that will leave your audience feeling jumpy after hooking up their PSVR to try out Propagation!

4. Rec Room

Best Free VR Games

If you’re looking for a free multi-player VR game that has a bit more choice in the kinds of activities you can partake in, Rec Room is probably what you need. It all takes place in a classroom environment where players work together to accomplish their goals. Once you get your own dorm room (which is like your very own clubhouse) there are plenty of activities like paintball and sword fighting to choose from.

The really interesting part comes when it comes time to prove your ability at the most exciting event: the VR campus Olympics! Whichever team wins gets bragging rights and made up super cool titles that they get to write on big bold banners. One of my favorites is “Captain Sword Leveling Master” or just plain old “Swordmaster” – depends who won I guess.

5. VR Chat

Best Free VR Games

One social virtual reality game, VR Chat, has really made a name for itself in the field. Since it’s free to use (though users can pay for larger games servers) plus offers optional 3D models that users can buy, it’s become pretty popular. Just like you would at the park or over the phone with your friends, people can interact via voice chat in different ways; they can even make themselves look like anime characters!

There are also dedicated channels for discussing specific themes where other gamers gather. This is one of the most active communities in this genre overall so if you want to be social and have real-life interaction, this is where you should go.

Wrapping Up… 

Coming back to reality and facts, people are consuming content every day on any medium which seems easy and exciting to them. They are on a constant lookout for new concepts, creative solutions and fun working environments. 

The growing knowledge of VR, thus, has led many leaders and companies to adapt to it. This has further made positive dynamic changes in the way their businesses have grown. 

A concept that has taken over billions of people, it’s worth giving a try – don’t you think?

By Geeke