Vodafone raffles 20 checks 2 Honor X8 Mobiles and more

Sign up and instantly win a amazon check or a mobile Honor X8if you also get more friends to participate you will get an HONOR X8

If you want to change the mobile, Vodafone gives you the chance to get a new one in this promo.

You can win a mobile Honor X8a mid-range Android disguised as an iPhone, or an HONOR 70 5G, high-end in photography and fast charging, depending on how lucky you are to participate.

Category 1 Awards:

A total of 22 prizes will be awarded per Winning Moment consisting of: 20 Amazon checks worth €5 each, with expiration of 10 years. 2 Honor X8 Mobiles worth €250.

Contest Category Awards:

to stay first and second in the ranking for getting more contacts to register: 2 Honor 70 5G phones value €250.

How do I participate in the Vodafone draw?

Take part

You will instantly know if you have won any of the category 1 prizes.

If you want to win one of the category 2 prizes, share the form with the maximum number of friends possible inviting them to participate in the promotion.

If you are among the first 2 to get more contacts to register, thus occupying the first or second position in the ranking after the promotion ends, you will win an HONOR 70 5G.

You have time from August 22 to September 30th of 2022.

Luck! 🍀

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