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The gaming industry is booming with new titles being added to the pile each year. The modern age of gaming boasts lots of titles that come with all the perks that modern technology can offer. However, not all of the new titles can be described as high-quality titles. In other words, they lack elements that make them all-around games. That’s why as a gamer you might be looking for quality games to enjoy. In that regard, here are some games you can’t miss out on:

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

This is a rather old game, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. It’s one of the first Star Wars RPGs that has revolutionized the genre. You’ll get to visit lots of different planets and interact with multiple species. And if you don’t feel like completing quests you can visit a cantina and play some Pazaak.

This is a game where you’ll need to beat your opponent by getting a hand of cards that either equal 20 or are lower than that value. Sounds familiar? That’s because there’s another game called blackjack that follows the same rules. There are many variants of this game and you can find it on online casinos like this. The main thing to remember about these sites and their games is to enjoy them responsibly.

KOTOR will also let your actions decide how the game ends. There are Dark Side and Light Side points depending on how you treat other characters in the game. In the end, you’ll either be a Jedi or a Sith, and you might even lose some companions along the way depending on what you decide to do.

GTA San Andreas

The Grand Theft Auto series has been spanning for some time. The fifth game is the latest in the series, but San Andreas remains a fan favorite to this day. You’ll get to meet CJ as he returns home to bury his mother. When he comes home, he has an encounter with Big Smoke, and soon enough you’ll get to meet the entire crew. You’ll help them complete various missions as you move up in the game. Alternatively, you can just roam about the map and do whatever you want. You can get back to the storyline at any time and the game won’t punish you for it.

Batman Arkham Asylum

This was the first game that introduced the Arkham series, but the first game chronologically is Arkham Origins. Once you’ve got Joker, you return to the asylum to have him put back in his cell. However, things do go according to play as Joker planned this all along. He takes over the asylum and you take on the role of Batman to get to the end of it. You’ll get to fight Joker’s goons and takedown villains like Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, and even Bane. Killer Croc is in the mix too. Moreover, you’ll have an array of gadgets at your disposal and you’ll get to feel like you’re Batman. That’s why this title is a great game!

These 3 are only some of the games you can’t miss out on. Each one has specific characteristics that make it an amazing title. That’s why you should try them.

By Geeke