sorteo verde esmeralda olive pack luxury 10 aniversario

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, emerald green raffle on Instagram your extra virgin olive oil most exclusive: Luxury valued at €190.00.

The olives that give life to the Emerald Green Luxury Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil are picked manually under the light of the moon in the first night from harvest.

Its delicious flavor is the product of a meticulous process that is followed closely in all its phases.

From the selection of best olive treesup to the optimum temperature, which are some of the factors that achieve excellent quality.

And the icing on the cake is given by the presentation in case 500ml crimped SWAROVSKI crystal chest type, handmade to contain this exclusive elixir.

How do I participate in the Verde Esmeralda Olive raffle?

Take part

The winner will be announced next Monday. August 22nd of 2022 on Instagram.

Good luck!

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