There is a list of apps we can’t live without and help us to closer to our friends and family. One of those apps is without any hesitation, WhatsApp at the top of our list after Facebook and Google. And to better use this app, there are some useful whatsapp tips and tricks that will help you save some time and effort.

WhatsApp became more feature-oriented and adding several new tools like WhatsApp Pay, Share your locations, Pin Your chats, Share PDF, Word, Gif, Record stuff, and more feature that can help people.

So, it time to see these very important top useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks you should be using it.

Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

1. Keep Your Eye on the Data

Can your mobile phone company only give a small amount of data per month?

WhatsApp has many ways to keep an eye on how the data is being used.

Go to Configuration > Data and Storage Usage > Media Auto-Download > Switch to Wi-Fi to stream the media when you’re wired to a Wi-Fi network.

To see how much data you have used so far,

go to Configuration > Account > Data Use > Network Use to see what’s going on.

This is one of the useful whatsapp tips and tricks that you should know.

2. Make Your Screen Refreshing

You don’t have to adhere to the default chat context. It would be best if you changed your WhatsApp backdrop to your favorite picture or wallpaper.

Best of all, you can pick an image from the photo gallery of your phone, so it looks much more personal than average.

Head to Settings > Chats > Talk wallpaper> Select Wallpaper Library, and you can choose from a range of backgrounds or color adjustments.

3. Search Your Old Messages Fast

useful whatsapp tips and tricks

It’s tough to keep up when you talk to WhatsApp, so the messages add up fast. If you remembered a bit too late that you needed to save something later, you can go back and browse through your chats.

What you should do is either tap the search icon or type something in the search bar. It will browse through all your WhatsApp messages and easily show you all the answers. Only tap the message you need to go right there.

4. Pin Those Most Important

Is there anybody you’ve got the message that’s the most important to you? A close friend or a loved one, huh? You should add their talk to the top of your chat page, so you don’t have to look in between your other conversations to reach them.

  • Swipe left to right on iOS, then tap Pin Chat.
  • On Android, click the talk screen for a long time, then touch the pin at the top of the screen.

5. Reply Faster

You may be curious how to like it in WhatsApp – pressing a button and just showing you like a post is a typical feature of most social networking applications. You can’t do that on WhatsApp, so instead, you can quickly respond to a particular post. It’s sort of like showing that you ‘like’ a specific message.

To respond to a particular message such that it appears as a quotation in your reply, click the message for a long time and then tap reply on the new menu that appears.

6. Find your favourite Talker

Have you ever asked who you’re referring to most regularly through WhatsApp? This useful trick of WhatsApp makes finding out quickly.

Go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Use and pick a person and see if you are talking to them.

The list is sorted by the person you send the most data to, so if there’s a friend you send a lot of GIFs to, but not a lot more, they might beat another friend you send text-based messages to. Anyway, it’s a perfect look into who gets the most of your time. Statistics are restricted to tweets, images, GIFs, recordings, voice messages, and records.

7. Geolocate your contacts easily

useful whatsapp tips and tricks

One of the very useful WhatsApp tips and tricks, If you meet a friend or want to make sure they know where you are, you can conveniently share your location with others by clicking a button.

Tap the + sign or paper clip next to the message box, then tap location followed by Share Live Location.

WhatsApp would then give the other user your address so that they know where you are. It’s a beneficial protection feature if you’re a bit odd or potentially on a first date with a guy, and you want to let a friend know where you are.

8. Full Editable Features

You’re not limited to typing messages in the simple WhatsApp font. You may also introduce emphasis by bold, italic, or strike-through.

If you want to make a bold word, add an asterisk on either side of the word you write. For italics, apply an underscore on either side, while a tilde on either side places a strike across the term.

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By Geeke