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All success for Two Point Studio

02/09/2022 19:15

Many times it can be said that the success of a video game lies in its criticism, but the truth is that what marks whether a title has succeeded or not is its sales within their own leagues, as this not only enhances the title and creates a community of players, but also provides the opportunity for make more titles. Hence the importance of reaching a million units sold as soon as possible.

Under this same premise, it’s time to talk about the latest project from SEGA and Two Point Studios, this being the university life simulator Two Point Campuswhich seems to have reached an important milestone, since, after a fairly recent launch, it has been possible to see that the game is already exceeded one million players.

Two weeks have been enough for Two Point Campus to be a success

Two Point Campus reaches one million players in two weeks

Two Point Campus is the new title in the saga that plunges us fully into university life

It should be noted that, as the director of the game, Mark Webley, has highlighted, this has been achieved in just two weeks, being very delighted to see so many people enjoying his title, to whom he has sent a warm thank you. Of course, it will not be alone there, since it is more than confirmed that Two Point Campus will continue to receive content through updates that improve the quality of life of the game along with other elements of the game. You can see the trailer below:

Otherwise, it should be noted that Two Point Campus is a title in which we can create and design, as seems logical, our own university campus, being that we can manage all its elements so that students have the most comfortable life possible, which will help us to have more prestigeto enroll more students and, therefore, to earn more money.

In this way, it should be noted that Two Point Campus ya está disponible para PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S y Nintendo Switchbeing also available in Xbox Game Pass for console and PC Game Pass.

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