Try high performance BITURBO Brushless tools

try a tool BITURBO Brushless of high performance, comment what you think on social networks and Bosch will give it to you.

If you have always wanted to try the Biturbo range of tools, this is your chance to get it for free.

You can register to be chosen as a tester, make a video testing the tool, share your opinion on social networks and if you are selected you can keep it for free.

With just one ProCORE18V battery, BITURBO Brushless tools reach a power comparable to that of a corded tool up to 2,000 W.

They are designed for work with the most resistant materials in the most demanding applications in a fast, light and simple way.

Its ergonomic design and features such as soft start ensure your comfort even on the most demanding jobs.

If you want to check all this for yourself, try a tool, share your experience by making an explanatory video and you can keep it.

How do I get the gift from Bosch?

Access the “Bosch BITURBO test”Enter with your PRO360 user or register right awayFill in the registration formTell which tool you would like to try.Finally, answer the open question Why do you want to participate in the test and what would you use the BITURBO tool for?

get gift

You have time from September 15 to November 30 2022, at 11:59 p.m.

Bosch will select the testers for the Campaign at your own discretion among the applications received.

Successful candidates will receive an email notification within 15 weeks.

The chosen testers they compromise to create audiovisual content using the tool and share it on their social networks.

Those testers whose audiovisual content meets the indicated contest criteria and who meet all the requirements will get the tool for free as a thank you gift for participating.

Go for it!

You can check the legal bases in this link.

(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type)Gift:Try the range of high-performance BITURBO Brushless tools and keep the trial tool for free.Link:Try high-performance BITURBO Brushless tools Mechanics: Try a high-performance BITURBO Brushless tool, comment what you think and they will give it to you for free Bases Link Time: 8 minutes + test time, making the video and other steps

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