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Submit your application and you can be one of the testers of the new Borges Natura bars receive them for free in exchange for their opinion.

I signed up to test if the campaign was already running and I received them as recently as you can see in the photo.

The bars are, without a doubt, the snack perfect for those people who go from one place to another and do not go home all day.

And it is that one of these bars is synonymous with Energynutrition and probiotics since they are made from nuts.

So don’t think about it, order your samples now and decide if Borges will start accompanying you between meals.

How do I sign up for the Borges campaign?

sign me up

Ready! If you are one of those chosen to try the bars, they will send you a confirmation email days and you will receive them in about two weeks at the address you have provided.

Once they arrive, they will indicate a link in the letter so that you can give your opinion on the bars.

So try them with all your active senses to tell them in depth what you think.

Go for it!

Note: I leave an estimated end date of promotion, below, to follow up.

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