TRND seeks testers for Supermasked

200 families can enter with TRND in the exciting world of the figures of Supermasked with your little one and later comment on your experience on social networks.

Supermasked are fun elastic skeletons with suit Super Hero they are learning to use their powers.

They are 16 cm high, emit sounds by pressing his body and limbs are elastic.

These figures are collectible and consist of 6 different characters: Pepperman, Whispers, Bigpony, Captain Nugget, Xa-Man and Jawboy.

They have also released an animated series in Youtubethat together with your little one you can follow to get to know them better and have fun together with their fun adventures.

The great Supermasked project will take place between the months of September and October and there will be 3 groups of participants who will have different missions:

The missions of the 1st group will be:

Buy a Supermasked figure on Amazon (price €15.95)Receive a refund of the amount paid for the gameWrite a review about the product and the seller on Amazon

The missions of 2nd group they will be:

Receive two figures from SupermaskedJugar and share your experience on your social networks.

The missions of 3rd group they will be:

Receive 1 training ring with 1 exclusive Supermasked figureWrite a product review on AmazonPlay and share your experience on your social networks

How do I sign up for the TRND campaign?

Accede to “TRND Project Supermasked”Log in with your trnd username or create one if you don’t have one. Answer the test questions to present your candidacy. At the end, answer the open question explaining why you are perfect for this campaign.

sign me up

You have time from August 25 to September 13th of 2022.

The project will be developed during the following months of September and October in 3 rounds and 3 groups of participants, so if you are not selected in this first part, do not be discouraged because you will surely be in the following ones.

Good luck!

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