Trnd seeks 1000 testers for Nature Valley bars

The new testers project TRND it is very greedy since they are going to distribute 1,000 Nature Valley bars to know our opinion.

If you are selected you will be able to discover the perfect combination between oatmeal and honey of these bars.

They are made with oatmeal 100% whole and they are ideal to always carry with you and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

Go ahead and present your candidacy to see if you are one of the selected ones.

How do I sign up for the Trnd campaign?

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If you are selected, they will send you home the bars so that you can try them and give them your opinion about them.

You can sign up to July 10th of 2022.

Luck! 🍀

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Written on: 06-08-2022 | (Valid until: 07-10-2022 or end of stock) | by Laura | Comment

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