Today Marta and Felipe Fort are coming of age

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Marta and Felipe Fort were born on a day like today, February 25 in Los Angeles, California. His father, the eccentric Richard Fort She had them through a surrogate mother and the twins came into this world in 2004, prematurely, since they were two and a half months ahead of the agreed date for their delivery.

Their names were chosen in honor of Ricardo’s grandfather and mother, and from their first hours of life they were accompanied by Marisa, their nanny to this day and Gustavo Martinez, Ricardo’s ex-partner and official guardian.

After the death of Ricardo Fort, the legal guardianship of the boys, who were 9 years old at the time, was taken over by Gustavo Martínez, whom the businessman had chosen from day one for such a mission.

Today Marta and Felipe Fort are coming of age

However, and despite the fact that he was always devoted to minors, Martínez committed suicide with only 10 days left before the boys came of age, due to depression and an Alzheimer’s diagnosis detected in 2019.

The boys who are coming of age today are clear about what they want, with different personalities, Felipe assures that he wants to live in Miami, dedicate himself to the gamer world and finances and aspires to buy a penthouse as a result of his work and not thanks to the family inheritance.

While Marta, the most similar in character to her father, wants to dedicate herself to show business, and plans to launch herself as a singer. Last year they were filming a series as a reality show, in honor of her father, which will be called “El Comandante” and where they will show their life today.

To get to know them better, we leave you with an interview they conducted with Verónica Lozano where they talk about everything. Sight

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