Today is International Cat Day, one of the three you have to celebrate

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This Sunday, February 20, International Cat Day is celebrated as well as August 8 and October 29. However, the reasons for honoring this animal are different.

The reason why all the cats in the world are celebrated today is due to Socks, the cat of the family of Bill Clinton, former president of the United States. The feline was adopted by his daughter in 1991 and immediately endeared himself to Americans.

Years later, Socks was diagnosed with cancer and the Clintons decided to put him to sleep. The news shocked the population and hence every February 20 International Cat Day is celebrated.

August 8 is also considered International Cat Day due to the International Animal Welfare Fund (FAW) in 2002.

Finally, the election of October 29 as International Cat Day is due to Collen Paige, an American protectionist who wanted to raise awareness among people about the problems that street and abandoned cats experience.

The woman created it so that people would pay more attention to stray cats and thus promote their adoption, since the previous two dates were not enough to raise awareness and control unwanted reproduction.

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