Today is Carla Peterson’s birthday and we review her best roles

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Carla Constance Petersonwas born on April 6 and since she was very young she has had acting in her blood, owner of an overwhelming histrionics, the actress handles with total security everything related to the performing arts.

We saw her shine in the comedy, and we enjoyed her in the drama, with roles that remained in the collective unconscious of viewers.

Her leading roles in Lalola and Los Exitosos Pells brought her to fame and earned her important awards such as the Martín Fierro Award and the Clarín Award for two consecutive years.

Carla’s versatility led her to interpret both leading and antagonistic roles with the same passion and she is one of the few actresses who emerges victorious as both a villain and a heroine.

To her credit she has no less than four Martín Fierro for her work as “Best Actress” of the seven times she was nominated.

We saw her on the big screen in Sebastián Wainraich’s debut in “Una noche de amor”, in the role of Blanca Luz Blum in “El Mural”, in the comedy with Diego Peretti “Mamá se fue de viaje”.

Also in more secondary roles in the French remake of “Inseparable” with Rodrigo de la Serna and in the swinger comedy “Dos más Dos” with Adrián Suar, Juan Minujin and Julieta Díaz, among others.

And if we talk about theater, she showed her skills for dancing and singing in “Corazón Idiota” together with her close friend and colleague Griselda Siciliani, or in the successful adaptation of “La Guerra de los Roses” which she performed together with Adrián Suar or under Javier Daulte’s direction in “Venus”.

We recently saw her shine in “Alternative Therapy” with her role in “Selva”, where she puts herself in the shoes of a psychologist with very particular methods who tries to separate a couple of lovers.

Carla also made different advertisements and participated in a video clip of the Babilónicos in the song “Desfachatados”

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