Tini released a new song "The Triple T"

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Tini Stoessel has just released her new single “La Triple T” which takes us back to her already catchphrase “Tini, Tini, Tini”. This reggaeton pop follows the same vein as some of her previous hits and is ready to be enjoyed on the dance floor.

“With my cat we went out of touch. We did not arrive before twelve. I know that we seem bad, but deep down you know me”, sings Tini in the chorus of the song and invites you to dance in fuchsia and violet tones.

“This single is a reminder to enjoy life and not take yourself too seriously. I hope the music and lyrics can take you to your happy place, whether it’s a club or a bar with your friends. In short, I want people to have fun while listening to ‘La Triple T,’” Tini said about the song.

listen here

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