Thunder and Rare Fish come together to "Hemlock RemiX": the story of how it came about

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at the beginning of the week Thunder dropped one of those good and unexpected bombs: that he was going to put a feat with rare fish, the band from La Plata that during the last years it grew album by album and festival by festival.

The collaboration that emerged is “Hemlock RemiX”, worked on track No. 1 of “DOGMA”, the last album of the people from La Plata.

“I knew the band, Tatool, my producer, showed it to me. We were in Miami making a lot of music and as soon as we got there they showed me that song, it seemed like a lot of fun. The mix of rock and electronic flashed me and the sound seemed very innovative, they have their own identity,” says the rapper from La Boca about the story of how rmx came about.

And continues: “The theme transmits me night. The despair of the night being alone, introspective with oneself, and of the night in the city too, Buenos Aires, the lights, the movement, the sweat, the poison. Hemlock can refer to a lot of things about what the poison is to each. It transmits 100% night to me”.

“Trueno and his team were on a trip to the United States and they told us that they were listening to Cicuta 24/7 –says Marco Viera, from Peces Raros- I suppose that Mateo began to sing great things there and Tatool (producer of Trueno) gave him the idea of ​​recording. They contacted us and that’s how it all started.”

For his part, Lucio Consolo says: “Cicuta is a lyrical song that has the peculiarity of propose a series of unconnected scenes, situations, which end up constituting an atmosphere. Trueno understood that perfectly because it is mounted in that universe with a poetic logic, adds a series of situations and adds the setting: Buenos Aires, giving a landscape to that atmosphere. With his voice and singing he gives it a dynamic that greatly enriches the song”.

How was it recorded? Although Trueno recorded several of his ideas on the tracks that Peces Raros sent him while he was still in the United States, the collaboration ended up recording and taking definitive shape in Buenos Aires when the artists got together in Trueno’s studio and worked in depth on the textures, arrangements and voices of the theme.

After recording in the studio they shared a day of filming the video clip, a short film noir under the direction of Lucas Vignale (director of all the Thunder video clips) in which the streets of Buenos Aires are the scene of a night tour aboard an old BMW 328 that completes a stylistic circle in keeping with the atmosphere generated by the theme.

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