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The snacks bring improvements to the Pokémon and this has excited their fans.

Pokémon has given a lot to talk about in the forums of its fan community. Among the topics that are discussed there are many details that come up, such as the design of the generations, their powers and even the potential of some fusions of the pocket creatures. And, given the nature of the game, this is not surprising, since the franchise has constantly introduced more and more creatures with their respective abilities.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple snacks have their function

So, regarding the recent release of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple on November 18, 2022, an expert fan took the opportunity to talk about a rather peculiar topic. In a detailed post on social networks, he has explained to other fans of the game what the title’s sandwiches are based on and what their importance is for Spanish gastronomic culture.

In this sense, after the first weeks of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple arriving, players were able to realize a new feature that will allow trainers to prepare their own snacks to get some advantages at the time of combat.

We could see this for the first time in one of the game’s trailers, in fact, where players could gather ingredients and make their own sandwiches that they could share with their Pokémon to give them some advantages in the game. This certainly sparked curiosity in the fan community, as they delved into the details of making the snacks thanks to a wealth of pre-release footage of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, which in turn gave them a theme. interesting to discover your fans. These images released weeks before the game’s release gave fans enough time to understand the role of sandwiches within the game.

To understand better, there is an incredibly large number of sandwiches that players can makefrom a series of ingredients and condiments to build these snacks that offer improvements, for example, in the encounter rates of specific types, in capture rates or, well, in the rates of appearance of shines.


Sandwiches are very important to Pokémon.

Snacks explained by a Pokémon fan

In order to better digest the information about this new feature, a Pokémon fan on Reddit, whose name is Old-Ostrich6865, recently posted a lengthy post providing details to community members on what exactly the popular Pokémon Scarlet sandwiches represent. and Púrpura in Spanish culture and how they are made. As the user comments, it is about a sandwich originating from the Iberian Peninsula, a region that includes some parts of Portugal and the Canary Islands together with Spain. This snack has its own history, meaning and its name is limited to “Bocadillo”, which serves as a very common snack among the locals for any occasion of daily life.

This typical sandwich is made with a series of specific ingredients, the recipe for this one consists of: baguette bread, olive oil, sea salt, cured cheese, salad, and usually a special type of special ham known as “jamón ibérico”. In case you don’t know it, Iberian ham is a type of pork meat that comes precisely from a breed of black pig that, most likely, served as inspiration for the new foods that came to Pokémon and are found in the Paldea region, Lechonk.

Although the bocadillo has its own meaning in Spanish culture, this Spanish gastronomic concept reached one of the most important games in the world. And the fact that he buffs pocket monsters gives you an idea of ​​how much he means to his own region.

Below you can see the details that the Pokémon fan shares with us:


Original post from the Pokémon fan.

Fortunately, players can integrate ingredients to their liking by expanding on the original recipes. Also, the good news is that in recent months, after the many new trailers, mysteries and leaks about Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, Excitement towards this new feature has increased considerably And, considering that there have been their respective introductions in the title, Pokémon fans are happier than ever. Even more surprises could come for the inhabitants of Paldea.

By Geeke