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Do not miss this LG television that has a discount of almost 400 euros.

This LG TV has an LED panel and 65 inches

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There is nothing like enjoying the series and movies in a quality television. Right now there is a wide range of different models and for all budgets. LG has the best panels with cheaper prices as shown by this 55-inch 4K TV that costs only 489.99 euros on Amazon. It has a juicy discount that leaves it at half price, an impressive discount with which you can save almost 400 euros. It is its historical minimum price, being one of the best TVs you can buy for that money.

The 65-inch model had a similar offer, but they have sold out very quickly. This televisor LG 55NANO766QA It’s still available for an incredible price because it’s heavily discounted. It is a television that really exceeds 800 euros, but you can save 389 euros in total with this offer. It is a screen that has very good references and makes it a perfect TV also to get the most out of the graphics of the current generation of consoles. This is its minimum price, so you won’t find it cheaper or in PcComponentes where it costs 599 euros.

LG Televisor 55NANO766QALG Televisor 55NANO766QA

Get this 55-inch LG TV at its all-time low price


LG 55 inch TV Dimensions

Is a great opportunity to renew your television. LG NanoCell technology uses nanoparticles to filter out impure colors, achieving exceptional results. The colors of the images are purer and brighter thanks to the powerful smart processor 4K a5 fifth generation. It thus offers greater precision in tones, since acts on 576 areas of each frame and manages to enhance all these nuances.

The LG Smart TV has sistema WebOS22 which is more intuitive, safe and with which you can create profiles per user. Another feature of the NanoCell is that they are compatible with formatos HDR 10, HDR HLG y HDR HGiG for greater contrast and depth. This ultra-thin display has an LED panel and is cloud play compatible con NVIDIA GeForce Now.

LG Televisor 55NANO766QALG Televisor 55NANO766QA

All this you can have for less than 500 euros. This LG 4K TV measures 55 inches and costs only 489.99 euros on Amazon, where it has a good discount compared to its original price (€879). This means that you can save up to 389 euros in this purchase and enjoy series, movies and video games with the Best Quality of image.

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