Asi luciria Pochita de Chainsaw Man como un personaje de Pixar y es lo mejor que veras hoy

This Pixar look suits Pochita very well.

The popularity that Chainsaw Man has gained as time goes by has been very great, since every time they are plus those who join the ranks of this controversial work.

The impact that both the Chainsaw Man manga and anime have had has been abysmal, as the series has achieved be among the most viewed of the momentproving that it has a good plot and characters that have earned the love of fans.

Studio Mappa has been in charge of the animation of this series, showing week after week in the anime a great quality in every waysince its effects are unique.

On the other hand, recently a fan of this series has decided to animate in 3D version to PochitaDenji’s companion pet, and the result has been fascinating, because looks like something out of Pixar. Next, we tell you the details.

This is what Pochita would look like if it was animated by Pixar

This animation of Pochita makes him look like a Pixar character

This animation of Pochita makes him look like a Pixar character

Chainsaw Man has filed a large number of characters who have caught the attention of fans, either because of their personality, looks, or their incredible skills.

However, one of the characters that has stood out the most and has attracted attention in the series has been Pochita, Denji’s loyal companion, this pet has become won the love of many followers of the work, since his personality and appearance are quite tender at the beginning of it.

Due to the great popularity that Chainsaw Man is having, some followers of this work have already begun to pay tributes to their favorite characters, either through cosplay, illustrations or, as is the most recent case, where a Twitter user has decided to create a 3D version of Pochita and the result is amazing.

The Twitter user called Txx_CG, has decided to transform Pochita into a three dimensional living creaturesince he has added a short and textured fur to give it a more real appearance, this animation that this artist has made is very similar to Pixarresulting in this little devil looking quite adorable and cute.

In this short video, Pochita can be seen making various gestures with her head, showing a great curiosity about their surroundings and moving its tail as if it were a real pet, being very adorable, because this animation similar to those made by Pixar makes Pochita look more charming.

Undoubtedly, this artist has done a splendid job in animating Pochita in this way, demonstrating the great talent you have and the popularity that the Chainsaw Man series has been gaining.

It should be noted that this animated version of Pochita gives indications of how What would this character look like if it belonged to Pixar?and it really is adorable, being one of the best things you’ll see today.

Who is Pochita?

Pochita becomes friends with Denji, after he saved him.

Pochita becomes friends with Denji, after he saved him.

Pochita is the chainsaw demon, created by the fear that humans have by said instruments, before becoming Denji’s heart, this was the original Chainsaw Man.

This demon, turned Amigo de Denji when the latter saved him after being shot, in gratitude, Pochita became his loyal pet and weapon to hunt down the other demons in the series.

Likewise, Pochita is one of the most powerful demons in the seriesbeing feared by his enemies, since it has been confirmed that Pochita hunted them one by one, returning them to hell, many demons have commented that the last sound What they have heard before dying is the noise of a chainsaw, which is why they hate Chainsaw Man so much.

On the other hand, Pochita has a large number of skills which make it an extremely powerful demon, which is why many want to get its heart, since it is known that it can duplicate and regenerate itself, this being very useful in combat. In fact, this was the technique he used to revivir a Denji in the first episode.

By Geeke