They denounce that there are already more than 100 health workers, who were fired from their posts in hospitals in the city of Buenos Aires.

This was expressed by Luis Ledesma, a member of the City Hospitals Association grouped in ATE, who asked that the head of government, Horacio Rodriguez Larretamanage an “urgent dialogue table”, to provide a solution to the dismissals.

“They were all essential colleagues in the face of the pandemic and today the Larreta government pays them with this currency and leaves them on the street, without work,” Ledesma said in dialogue with Télam, while stating that these measures “are part of the whims” of the head of the Buenos Aires government, who “is not interested in having a better health system.

The group’s referent maintained that “the workers of the Ramos Mejía Hospital denounce the new layoffs and the lack of nursing staff to care for patients in hospital services” and that it is “35 working men and women laid off, many of whom are women who are the sole breadwinners”.

The following act explained that this number is added to the professionals fired in other centers such as: 65 at the Durand Hospital, the Pedro Lagleyze Ophthalmological Institute 8 dismissals, at the IREP (Psychophysical Rehabilitation Institute) with 11 dismissals, and 4 at Rivadavia.

“They continue to lay off layoffs so that it is not noticed and that society does not see that Larreta is eliminating all the workers who were essential during the pandemic,” he said.

They denounce the dismissal of more than 100 workers from

They denounce the dismissal of more than 100 workers from Buenos Aires hospitals | Source: Association of City Hospitals

“Unfortunately, these colleagues are being left out of the labor system, more workers who become part of the poverty line, people who will be left without social work and coverage. The head of government (Horacio) Rodríguez Larreta is only interested in real estate businesses and run for president, but the dramas of the Caba do not solve them”, continued the leader of ATE.

Ledesma’s words come a week after Héctor Ortiz, head of the Buenos Aires Hospital Workers Association, denounced the dismissals at the Durand Hospital, within the framework of a health workers’ demonstration.

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