They bring to trial the case for the death of

The Justice of San Isidro raised this Wednesday to oral trial the cause for the death of Diego Armando Maradonawithin which the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luciano Luque and seven other health professionals are accused of “simple homicide with eventual intent”, a crime that provides for a sentence of between 8 and 25 years.

The authorities considered that the professionals as “guarantors” of the former soccer player’s medical condition had the possibility of “reversing” his cardiac condition and did not do so. For this reason, the judge of Guarantees 2 of San Isidro, Orlando Abel Díaz, ordered within a resolution that the case be sent to a lottery so that an Oral Criminal Court of that judicial department judges for the death of the soccer star the eight defendants.

The professionals included in the case are: the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque (40); the psychiatrist Augustine Cosachov (36); the psychologist Carlos Angel “Charly” Diaz (30); the coordinating doctor of the prepaid Swiss Medical, Nancy Edith Forlini (53); the nurse coordinator Mariano Ariel Perroni (41), nurses Ricardo Omar Almiron (39) and Dahiana Gisela Madrid (37); and the clinician Pedro Pablo Di Spagna (49).

Within the resolution, the magistrate mentions that there was in the accused a “absence of interposition of any saving action that could prevent death” and one “internal acceptance of the defendants of the eventual occurrence of the result finally produced”.

In addition, the judge held that the co-defendants had “the position of guarantor” over Maradona’s health and that from “the role they held, they had the certain physical possibility of reversing the cardiac process that was developing” and that ended with the life of the world soccer star

In turn, within the ruling Díaz rejected a series of five annulments and proposals for dismissal of the defenses. In the specific case of Luque, he also brought him to trial for the crime of “use of a false private document”, because they accuse him of having used a forged signature of Maradona to request a medical record; and Cosachov for “ideological falsehood”, since she is accused of having prepared a certificate of mental aptitude for Diego without going to visit him.

Diego Armando Maradona, world star, best player in the world and maximum representative figure of Argentina, died at the age of 60 of pulmonary edema and heart failure on November 25, 2020, in a house in the private neighborhood of San Andrés, Tigre. There he was undergoing a home hospitalization for his alcohol addiction, after having undergone neurosurgery. Which was classified as “outrageous” by the researchers.

For the judicial investigators, the defendants “were the protagonists of an unprecedented, completely deficient and reckless home internment”; and they committed a “set of improvisations; mismanagement and shortcomings.”

One of the keys to the accusation was the conclusions reached by the medical board of experts who analyzed the circumstances of Maradona’s death for two months.

Seventeen of the twenty-two experts concluded that Maradona was a patient with multiple pathologies who died 12 hours before dying, that “he was not in full use of his mental faculties” and that he could have had “more chances of survival” if he had been in a clinic .

“The treating medical team fully and thoroughly represented the possibility of a fatal outcome for the patient, being absolutely indifferent to this issue, not modifying their conduct and the medical/care plan drawn up, maintaining the previously mentioned harmful omissions, leaving ‘to fate’ the patient’s state of health,” the experts said.

The autopsy established that he died as a result of “acute pulmonary edema secondary to exacerbated chronic heart failure” and discovered a “dilated cardiomyopathy” in his heart.