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Sony headphones have active noise cancellation technology and are connected by cable.

16/09/2022 11:03

Currently there are many types of headphones. Some users prefer in-ears, but lifelong users still like them a lot. The supraaural headphones they cover the ear and create a very immersive and intimate atmosphere. On Amazon there is an interesting offer to buy one of the best Sony noise canceling headphones for only 41.01 euros. They have applied a discount of 32%, so it is a savings of 20 euros.

Wired, wireless or Bluetooth. The truth is that there are headphone models for every taste. These Sony headphones do not have wireless connectionbut can be connected to devices such as controllers to play video games with sound quality. This model really costs 60 euros, but now enjoy a 32% discount and you can get really cheap. In any case, there are other wireless gaming headset to enjoy your hobby without cables in between.

Sony headphones

Sony headphones now cost only 41.01 euros on Amazon

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These Sony headphones have noise cancellation

These headphones not only stand out for their functionalities, but also for its simple design. Unlike other helmets, this Sony model connects via cable Jack de 3,5 mm avoiding any type of latency. It has technology active noise cancellation, guaranteeing up to 80 hours of autonomy to detect and eliminate unwanted noise. Needless to say, he’s high device compatibility as controls.

So you can listen to the sound of video games with total sharpness. These Sony headphones have integrated microphones and in terms of design they are quite light. They are available in several colors, although the available offer only applies to the black model. On the inside, the headphones are lined with padded cushions that offer a great comfort.

Sony headphones

The most striking thing is the price, since this model it only costs 41.01 euros. So you will enjoy the quality of the sound with headphones of plain design and with active noise cancellation. If you take advantage of 32% discount that they have on Amazon, it is possible to save practically 20 euros on this purchase.

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