The Unity Left Front held its act in Plaza de Mayo

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Among the main speakers were Alejandro Bodart and Cele Fierroleaders of the MST in the FIT Unit.

Bodart declared: “On the international day of the working class, the very serious crisis that the world is going through today clearly confirms that capitalism can only offer humanity more misery, extractivism and imperialist wars of prey. Of course, neoliberalism is no more, but neither is the fallacy of a ‘humanized’ capitalism: this system is savage and predatory by nature. That is why we reaffirm the need for an anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist solution and for socialism with democracy, both in our country and on the continent and in the world. In this sense, from the MST we contribute the experience of building the International Socialist League (LIS) as an alternative for the unity of the revolutionaries, without a single thought and where we can coexist with differences based on a common socialist program”.

For its part, Cele Fierro expressed: “The government of the Front of All, which chose to submit to the IMF and apply the adjustment, is cracking internally just like Together for Change. Both thus open the door to Milei and hers, her profligates, who propose recipes that have already failed and push the political agenda to the right. From the left we are going to continue along with the popular demands, against inflation, for salary increases and genuine work, against the union bureaucracy. Now we promote a massive Federal March from May 11 to 13, with columns that come from all over the country and will converge in Plaza de Mayo. And at the same time we postulate a different political solution: a government of the workers. We believe that the FIT Unity has to go beyond an electoral front and, based on its program for substantive changes, incorporate independent social and political activism to strengthen ourselves as an alternative power for the working people, the youth and the women and dissidence”.

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