The three best-selling air fryers on Amazon. Which one is the best?

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The air frayer is wonderful, far from what many believe, it is a kitchen equipment that fulfills what it promises and also improves our way of cooking and perceiving flavors in a wonderful way. Imagine that you can cook and enjoy delicious French fries without using a drop of oil and without altering the usual flavor. You love the idea huh?!

That is why we have decided to compare the three best-selling air fryers on Amazon and decide which of them is the best.

That is to say, that our assessment and criteria will be based on the opinion of several clients and on tests that we have done with the air frayer, where we have put it to the test, making it perform at its best, just as you would.

Air Frayer Aigostar, Tristar and Princess, which is the best, which one should you buy?

Let’s start our analysis or evaluation of each of the air fryers we are going to talk about. Remember, that these have been the best sellers in the Amazon store and if you decide to buy it, you can do it through our link, since this way we will obtain a commission for the sale that will make our project sustainable. This commission does not alter the sale value of the product.

Air Fryer Aigostar Dragon Pro 30LDX, Hot Air Fryer

The Aigostar Dragon Pro 30LDX hot air fryer looks a bit more professional than most models in the same price range; with the metallic accents it looks a bit “more expensive”, but it is not. Its name also suggests that it’s a big, powerful hot air fryer, but the specs contradict this: 1400 watts when its competitors boast 1500 watts. A capacity of 300-500 grams (chips) while its closest competitors have a capacity of 500-900 grams.

BrandAigostarColour1400wProduct Dimensions: 35 x 32.6 x 28.7cmWeight:4.9KgPower1400 WattsAbility3.2 liters

However, this hot air fryer has everything necessary and normal for this price range: button to set the time, button to set the temperature and indicator lights and a hood, stainless steel design and construction. There are no preprogrammed baking programs. In addition to the hot air fryer itself, a pan, baking basket and brush are included.

Aigostar Dragon Pro 30LDX air fryer in action

Basic characteristics:

Oil-free cooking. Food grade stainless steel; BPA free; 3.2 l capacity; Adjustable time and temperature; Removable cooking container; Cooks up to 200ºC; Non-stick coating; high power 1400W.

Feedback and Common Opinion of Aigostar Dragon Pro 30LDX Air Fryer Buyers

Those who have purchased the Aigostar Dragon Pro 30LDX hot air fryer find it easy to use, easy to operate and very reasonably priced. This hot air fryer works well, looks nice, and is easy to clean.

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Our opinion is similar to theirs, in the tests we have carried out on the team we have found that the taste of the vegetables cooked in the air fryer has a different taste, obviously, it is not an unpleasant taste, but it does not exceed that of the vegetables cooked in oil. Perhaps, the cooking time has influenced it.

The manual leaves many doubts, it is not the typical manual with recipes where it recommends the cooking time for each type of food, when buying it, you will have to adjust the time based on trial and error.


The computer not only looks gorgeous, but also does exactly what you’d expect it to do. It fries well once you get used to it, it’s easy to clean and it’s nice to use. Without baking programs, it is a bit easier and its capacity is also the lowest in this price range. But if you don’t need a higher capacity, this ‘Dragon’ will serve you perfectly.

Tristar FR-6990 Crispy Fryer XL

The following equipment is from the Tristar brand, a modern air frayer with quite convincing features. In tests carried out with it, where we subjected it to the maximum of its capacity and durability, we noticed that it shows better performance than others of the same range and price.

The image has an empty ALT attribute;  its filename is p9-pcMhcPjPF7bX9Nmg7INxU_s3SpMK0jgGliMBZQV6zPePbAeffSHJ534SLsi2M9rQ8q4jqXfToPgS4BwFJD0HXMa4A_99HRNFBLDgLA2FWCcOslALn0Ob6AwurBWjv9A0EwV0kBrandsadMaterialPlasticColourBlack/ SilverDimensions: 28 x 31.5 x 34cmWeight:4.6kgPower1500 Watts

The Tristar FR-6990 Crispy Fryer XL air fryer allows you to prepare delicious meals without a drop of oil, with foods like chicken you may see a little fat, which is typical of some parts of the chicken and improves its flavor. You can use it to bake the tastiest chips and sandwiches, but you can also bake, roast and grill all kinds of different foods.

Basic characteristics:

Large 3.2L volume that allows you to prepare up to five servings of French fries at once With high speed hot air convection you can fry, bake, roast or toast without oil Analog control panel that makes the Crispy Fryer XL easy to use Its dishes cook quickly thanks to its high power of 1500W Overheat protection and heat resistant exterior for your safety

Functioning and differentiation from other brands

The Tristar FR-6990 Crispy Fryer XL, like all air fryers, works by rapidly circulating hot air. This allows you to prepare all kinds of dishes with a little oil or without oil. This makes the dishes much less fatty and much healthier, but without affecting their flavor.

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An additional advantage is that no penetrating frying air is released. Thanks to the protection against overheating and the heat-resistant casing, and even if you feed them they are fried there is no risk, like when you cook with oil, it is perfect for children and the elderly to use without problems or risk of burns.

Tests carried out with the air fryer and conclusions about the equipment

During the tests carried out on the equipment, we noticed that the hot air fryer is fully equipped: the indicator lights indicate when the hot air fryer is on and at temperature. The non-slip feet ensure that it stands stable on the surface where the air fryer is placed. It includes an integrated handle that facilitates the use and movement of the equipment. Those are the highlights when uncovering the box where it comes.

Let’s talk about the analog control panel, to say that it is very clear and easy to use: it includes two rotary buttons for time and temperature, where you can choose all the desired settings and adapt it to the type of food you want to cook.

As for the result, the food maintains its flavors and its juices, in the case of proteins. On Amazon it has a very good rating and it is not for less, it is a team that fulfills what it promises.

Princess 182020 Digital Air Fryer XL

It is time to mention the Princess 182020 Digital Aerofryer XL fryer, which, like the other two that we have mentioned above, is the best valued and purchased on Amazon. Expressions such as “good quality”, “cooks easily and quickly” and “cleans easily” are the common denominator of the opinions of those who have bought it.

The image has an empty ALT attribute;  its file name is XUfPY9MBO9UTs06JQEaH-f7I9skrNuePATbaCI9w77fy_CfedMyzpNwM_w0VbOehhlK4XP32l0-u7T7kbhyR2-EN7s_ER4fqokBbLjhoXgVf-D5KxmbQ8vvz-095nQJBrzBrLWHxBrandPrincessMaterialPlasticColourBlackProduct Dimensions: 15″ x 13.5″ x 13″product weight5kgPower1500 Watts

In we have also tested it and we have put it to the maximum of its capacity and performance to know its full potential and how far it is capable of reaching.

Basic characteristics:

High speed air convection technology cooks using only hot air Easy to use, adjustable temperature control, integrated timer and digital control panel Its large volume (3.2 L) allows you to prepare five servings of fries at once Its pieces are removable and allows for easy cleaning with a mild detergent

Princess 182020 Digital Aerofryer XL Reviews

Most of the buyers of the Princess 182020 Digital Aerofryer XL have shown to be very satisfied with the baking result of this wind turbine, being the ease with which it can be cleaned and the handling its main points in favor.

When purchasing the Princess 182020 Digital Aerofryer XL we were able to clearly notice the “dishwasher safe” label NOT PRESENT ON THE PRODUCT PACKAGING, this being a prerequisite for some buyers, who assume that “easy to clean” equals dishwasher safe. dishwasher. Even so, its performance and quality are indisputable and that the same manufacturer recommends that the cleaning of the equipment be done by hand shows sincerity and trust.

How is it different from the rest of the air fryers on the market?

The performance during cooking of food is simply fantastic and is also the biggest advantage of this wind turbine compared to competing models.

The three best selling air fryers on Amazon Which one is

However, the loud beeps that come with the controls can be annoying for some, if they are one of those who like to cook in silence. Otherwise, this sound will not be a problem for you.

Another disadvantage and it is perhaps the most significant and that coincides with the Aigostar brand air fryer is the concise manual, it seems that the manufacturer assumes that we are part of the device’s design and creation team. While it’s easy to handle once you get the hang of it, the manual won’t help you much to get it up and running right the first time, which means you’ll have to eat multiple chips until you hit the sweet spot of flavor.

What was our rating after testing the Princess air fruiter?

The Princess 182020 XL Digital Dry Cooler is, for an XL model, rather small, since with a capacity of 800 grams it can bake French fries for up to 4 people at the same time. Still, it’s a very popular product and that’s down to the price, the looks, and of course the touchscreen controls, with which you can set all eight baking programs.

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