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Whether you’re a fan of the Lego movies or not, you’ve probably heard of the Stranger Things set. And if you’re looking for a good buildable set to keep you busy during the long winter, this is probably the right one for you. The Stranger Things Lego set contains four minifigures and a few extra pieces to add to your collection. You’ll also find the Demogorgon and Eleven buildable figures, so you’ll have plenty of fun building all sorts of scenes.

Set 75810

Whether you’re a fan of the Netflix original series or just enjoy a good mystery, this LEGO Stranger Things set will capture the mysterious and supernatural events of Hawkins, Indiana. The set features a number of scenes from season one and two.

The set includes eight minifigures. The Stranger Things logo is printed on the back of each character. The set also comes with a small display stand.

The set includes a variety of new elements, some of which are unique. The jack-o-lantern element is one of them. The set also includes an alphabet wall with a light-up function. In addition, there are creepy vines. There is also a potted plant. The set also includes a couple of new colors, including olive green and sand blue.

Byers’ house

During the first three seasons of Stranger Things, Will Byers’ house played a key role in the show. It is a clapboard house built in 1900 with three bedrooms and two baths. It is located in a rural area and is far from main roads. The owners of the house agreed to allow exterior shots.

In addition to Will’s bedroom, the house also features a living room, dining room, and front porch. There are also stickers of Will’s drawings and a boombox. The house also has an attic.

The Byers’ house set includes eight minifigures. The set comes with eight Stranger Things characters. There is also a Demogorgon figure. The set also includes eight accessories for the characters. These include Mike’s flashlight, Eleven’s waffle, and Hopper’s coffee cup.

Upside Down

Whether you are a fan of the Netflix original series, “Stranger Things,” or you just want to build your own version of the Upside Down, you’ll want to check out LEGO’s latest set. This new model recreates Byers’ house in two different dimensions.

The display set measures over 17 inches wide, and includes a mirror image effect of The Upside Down. It also includes Easter eggs, a stand with a Stranger Things logo, and a small display stand. It also includes eight minifigures.

The set is made up of over 2,200 pieces. The set is made for two people to build, and each person will be able to build the regular house and the Upside Down version of the house.

Custom set

Despite having a cult following, LEGO has yet to make a full line of Stranger Things sets. While we wait, we can still enjoy LEGO’s collaboration with the popular Netflix series.

A few years ago, LEGO released an event-exclusive set. This set included the best of both worlds: a replica of the television show’s stage and an actual Lego set. This set is no longer sold in stores, but can be found for a high price on the secondary market.

LEGO’s official Stranger Things Lego set is the real deal: eight Minifigures and an Upside Down set are included. There’s also a custom light kit for hours of play.

The LEGO Stranger Things 75810 The Upside Down set released in July. The set was released at a cost of $200 for 48 pieces. It also included a retro designer video.

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