The Staircase: the series that shook the United States

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21 years ago, one of the most notorious cases of American justice was unleashed. It all happened with a 911 call by Michael Peterson, who found his wife Kathleen dead, apparently after falling down the stairs.

Although initially considered an accident, the investigation indicated that what happened was a homicide, in which the first suspect was Peterson.

What happened is narrated by the HBO MAX series in “The Staircase” that tells in detail the entire history of the Peterson family.

The miniseries was created by Antonio Campos and stars Colin Firth and Toni Collette, and with its launch three episodes will be available, followed by a new one each week until June 9.

But anticipating this story we leave you some data to take into account:

The series focuses on the life of Peterson, his extended North Carolina family, and the suspicious death of his wife.

Who is Michael Peterson?

Michael Peterson is a writer known for his novels based on his experiences in the Vietnam War. He ran for mayor of Durham and in his campaign he said that during the war he was excused for a machine gun injury defending a comrade. It was shown that this was false and that the reality of the injury was due to a traffic accident.

Investigators discovered that Michael was bisexual and exchanged messages with escorts. These facts were decisive in the case.

Kathleen Peterson, was a telecommunications executive and the second wife in life of Michael Peterson. His children are also part of this family: Todd and Clayton, from Peterson’s first marriage; Martha and Margaret Ratliff, the couple’s adopted daughters; Caitlin, biological daughter of Kathleen.

Everyone was convinced of Peterson’s innocence at all times, except for Caitlin who even gave her testimony at the trial.

One fact: Elizabeth Ratliff, the biological mother of the adoptive daughters Michael, also died after falling from a ladder.

What happened after Kathleen’s death?

The case was brought to trial and this is part of the story that will be revealed in LA ESCALERA. The prosecution defended the thesis that Michael would be allegedly responsible for the death of his wife, finding several pieces of evidence that would incriminate him. Additionally, the case took an unexpected turn, after a neighbor of the family put on the table a new hypothesis of what happened that night.

Accident or Homicide? With that, he will speculate this miniseries that had the entire American audience in veil.

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