The ruling party joins a mobilization against the Supreme Court

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The Front of All adheres to the mobilization called for this afternoon by human rights organizations and leaders of the Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina to demand the “democratization of the Judiciary” and “demand the modification” of the composition of the Supreme Court of Justice.

“The political parties that make up the Front of All are marching this Thursday, May 5 at 5:00 p.m. at the Courts of Plaza Lavalle to demand the democratization of the Judiciary and the modification of the composition of the Supreme Court of Justice,” they said in a statement.

The call bears the adherence of the Justicialist Party, the Renovating Front, Great Front, New Encounter, Forge, Kolina, De la Victoria, Solidario, Communist, Popular Unity, Intransigent, Party, Labor and People, Federal Commitment and Culture, Education and work.

“The Judiciary must be independent of the economic powers and its composition must represent the federalism enshrined in our Constitution and gender parity”they pointed out in the document.

The general secretary of the CTA and pro-government deputy, Hugo Yasky, anticipated an “important, plural and diverse” mobilization.

“It is a broad call calling for a transparent, democratic justice that is not always at the service of the powerful. That it is not autocratic, as it is at this moment, in which a court of four members voted for itself and became with the head in the Council of the Judiciary through a coup”, he said.

The Frente de Todos sharpened its criticism of justice after the Court ruling that declared the 2006 reform of the Council of the Judiciary unconstitutional and assumed the presidency of the organization. After the ruling, the ruling party revived the discussion for the expansion of the highest court.

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