The monitor lamp that will improve the quality of your sight. I tell you my experience of use.

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A clean, uncluttered and tidy workspace helps you stay focused and improve your productivity. It is not always easy to achieve it because we need different elements to work better.

One of these elements that help to achieve a healthier space is a good monitor or screenbar lamp as the Yankees call it.

Have a good lighting It is something that is not given importance and that directly affects our daily life and visual health. But that is another topic. You are here because you surely want to improve the light on your desk, avoid reflections and, of course, be up to date.

Today I am going to tell you about the light bar that I have (because I have two 😅). My experience with them, the use I give them and if it is worth buying one.

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And here below I leave you more details as well as the links mentioned in the episode.

LED light lamp to illuminate the monitor

I’ve been seeing these types of devices lately a lot in the typical Youtube videos about desk tour (yes, I’m a freak). The truth is that the bar to illuminate the screen that is most seen is the BenQ Screen Bar.

I will tell you about it later because for various reasons I opted for another model that I am going to tell you about.

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I was missing in my workspace a lighting for the screen. Beyond the brightness of the monitor itself, I have a gooseneck behind it to create ambient light but I was not convinced by the lack of direct light.

I decided to buy one led light bar which is placed on top with a clip to provide more clarity both on the screen and on the table.

This is how I see my screen right now as I write these lines.

Dimmable light to illuminate the screen

One of the functions that I like the most about this product is the possibility of regulate both light warmth and brightness.

The cable integrates a small control with four buttons.

monitor light control

The ➕ and ➖ is for adjust brightness. You have up to 10 options to regulate it from 10% to 100%.

The 🔄 button is for regulate color temperature of the light. The model that I bought, the LED lamp Quntis (I leave you the link below), it gives us the option to choose between three colors:

White light Warm light Mixed light

This is achieved with 84 LEDs that it incorporates: 42 are cold whites and 42 are warm colours.

desk lamp settingSource:

I leave you a couple of photos so you can see the difference between warm and white light:

led light monitorWarm light
led monitor light lampWhite light Enhance your view and work environment with this anti-glare monitor lamp. click to tweet

Bar with touch buttons and dimming sensor

The other screenbar model I have, which is from the Globalink brand, is tactile and is at the top. Here is an image so you can see what I mean.

touch screen bar

This bar, in addition to being tactile, has something that I use a lot. It’s a dimming sensor which, when activated, automatically regulates the intensity of the light depending on how bright the room is.

The Globalink screenbar also has two different sizes for sale. One of 40 and the other 52 centimeters. Depending on the dimensions of your screen, one or the other will suit you more.

Easy installation

Another point in its favor is how simple it is to install. Not to say that practically nothing is required.

you just have to connect it to a power source via USB. In my case I have it directly connected to a computer port.

To attach it to the screen, it has a clamp with a adhesive piece to prevent it from moving.

I show you in this image how it looks in profile.

install lampshade

In the other model, the counterweight part is slightly different. Instead of having an adhesive strip, it is a piece that weighs a little more to counterbalance.

Take care of your eyes with the anti-glare lamp for the monitor

If you work in a space with a lot of natural light, you are very lucky 🙂 Even so, there are sure to be times when the reflections of such clarity bother you.

The monitor lamp that will improve the quality of your

Thanks to the asymmetrical optical design, the lighting only occurs on the desktop and keyboard, avoiding glare and glare on the screen.

anti-glare lampImage Source: Amazon

Are these lamps good for laptops?

I do not recommend this particular model for a laptop. But yes, there are specific light bars to illuminate laptop screens.

The only thing that changes is the type of paint to better adhere to the thin edge of the notebook and the width of the screen.

Here are a couple of models:

In short: my opinion on the Quntis lamp

👍 What I like

Adjustable to the thickness of the monitor. Thanks to the clip it has, it can be adjusted between 1 and 3 cm depending on the width of the screen. With the adhesive it grips well to the back preventing it from moving if we move the monitor. The possibility of regulating the intensity and color of the light to adapt it to different environments or the type of content that we are consuming.

👎 What I don’t like

If you use an external webcam there is not much space to place it on the screen. It does not work for curved monitors since the clamp is flat. If your monitor doesn’t have a border, it’s likely that the mount is eating up some of the screen. Thinking of buying a monitor lamp? Check out this review by @chusnarrolo Click To Tweet

One step further: the BenQ ScreenBar

As I told you at the beginning of this review, there are other more pro models on the market.

Probably the BenQ brand was one of the first to develop this type of product, but we already know that later cheaper alternatives arise (like the Globalink that I have with which I saved €60 🤑)

Without a doubt, the BenQ ScreenBar it is a model that has some superior features (and carries the brand of a recognized company in the sector).

For example:

Automatically dimmable light. It has an ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness level automatically and instantly. However, it can also be adjusted manually.

touch buttons on top. This saves an element that occupies space and is more integrated within the LED bar.

benq screen bar

benq screenbar plus

The BenQ ScreenBar Plus It has a wheel to control the different options.

Other monitor light models you can buy

Should you invest in a desk lamp?

After reading this review you may be asking yourself this question. I do not blame you.

I recommend you invest in a product like this to improve your eye health. Quality-price ratio is quite affordable. By about €30 you get it on Amazon and also, you will gain space on your work table.

Now is your turn. If you have any other questions or have used another model, please leave it to me in the comments and we’ll talk 🙂

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