The Legislature of Buenos Aires will hold a special session tomorrow for Memory Day

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The Buenos Aires Legislature will hold a special session tomorrow for the national day of remembrancein which a declaration will be voted that commemorates the 46th anniversary of the last civic-military coup d’état, pays tribute to the 30,000 disappeared and expresses the commitment of that legislative house in the “location of the victims of the systematic plan of appropriation of minors”.

The special session is held at the initiative of the legislator Victoria Montenegrinof the Front of All – the main opposition bloc in the local Legislature – and has the agreement of the ruling party, Let’s Go Together.

“46 years ago with tanks, with boots, they kidnapped, tortured, disappeared and many of us were appropriated,” Montenegro, who is a granddaughter recovered by the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, said in a statement.

In the session, which will begin at 10, a legislator’s project will also be voted on Claudio Morresi (Front of All) that declares of interest for the promotion and defense of Human Rights the “March of the Torches of San Telmo”, which is called “Memory is a Present that Fights” and pays homage to “the detainees who disappeared from the neighborhood during the last civic-military dictatorship”.

The brother of the legislator Morresi, Norbert, was 17 years old when he was kidnapped and shot, on April 23, 1976, by the last civic-military dictatorship; His remains were found in a mass grave in a General Villegas cemetery in 1989.

Morresi is a former soccer player and chairs the parliamentary committee on Sport and Tourism, while Montenegro heads the Human Rights committee.

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