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While youtuber Dan Allen claims that his leaks about Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid were false, Dusk Golem and AestheticGames maintain that there could be a remake and a new title.

24/09/2022 19:00

Nothing had excited most Silent Hill and Metal Gear fans for some time more than the announcement of both a new installment and a remake. But why do we say that to almost everyone? Well, here’s the thing: all the rumors and details that were talked about so much after the leaks seemed to collapse after the information was pointed out as incorrect and, worse still, false.

It is known that from the first moment there were suspicions on the part of some fans in relation to said informants since the details were exposed in networks, since the veracity of his leaks had its inconsistencies. Despite the fact that there are still those who maintain that Silent Hill is real, a couple of days ago the youtuber Dan Allen Gaming confessed that he had been behind the informative Twitter account called TheRealInsider, responsible for leaking a lot of information, including others games like Assassin’s Creed that were announced at the latest Ubisoft Forward presentation. What really caught my attention is that he admitted that, unfortunately, all the reports related to the return of Silent Hill and Metal Gear had been made up.

Of course, this generated more doubts about whether all the rumors of both franchises are false, since he has not been the only informant of the alleged leaks nor the only reports about it. Among them we have, for example, the leak of a supposed playable concept for a new Silent Hillwhich now could no longer be a reality for his fans.


Dan Allen explains the truth about Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid leaks

In a video titled “I’m sorry,” the youtuber apologized to his audience and claimed that he had done it because of someone else’s influence. He made it known that the leak of Assassin’s Creed did come from Ubisoft, but the rest of the information was only rumours. By this he meant the Metal Gear Solid remake and a new Silent Hill game.

“I mentioned Silent Hill and a remake of Metal Gear Solid, and I can tell there was no NDA involved because it’s all bullshit. It’s all bullshit, secondhand bullshit. Half the posts were educated guesses,” Dan says. Allen.

You can see the video for yourself below:

Although the youtuber is very punctual in pointing out that it was something that was invented, it does not mean that a new Silent Hill and the remake of Metal Gear Solid are not being developed by the franchises. As we mentioned earlier, Dan Allen was not the only informant. In fact, there have been other reports outside of Dan’s “leaks” that suggest the projects are actually taking place.

Other leaks claim that Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid could be in development

Following the details of the youtuber, a user contacted Dusk Golem, the main informant who since 2020 stated that Konami is working on the return of Silent Hillto find out if his information was also a lie.

As expected, Dusk Golem he tried to calm things down among his followers and mentioned that the insider had never used his information as a source and what he had said about the game was “nonsense”. Having said this, he explained that the information he has obtained during these years comes from other sources and He reiterated that his information is completely your audience has nothing to worry about.

This would imply that the approval of 2 Silent Hill games in 2018, one with a narrative focus, while the other would be a kind of reboot, would still be contemplated for release at some point in the future.

“For me it’s a waiting game as it always has been,” said Dusk Golem to refer to the time it has taken Konami to officially announce the titles. “I know that a lot of the Silent Hill community now has strong feelings towards me, but I have never changed what I have said, because it is the truth and in time it will be revealed.”

While there are those who maintain that Dusk Golem is a reliable informant, we must not forget that there were others who revealed leaks from both projects, such as AestheticGamer who also denies what Dan Allen said.

“What I have said is 100% true is, which includes that Konami is buying to greenlight two SH projects in 2018, a soft reboot and an episodic narrative game, in 2019 a Japanese developed SH went into production, last May screenshots of Sakura, talking about the 3.5 projects, etc”, mentioned AestheticGamer on his Twitter account.

It is likely that, as Dusk Golem and AestheticGamer said, it is a matter of waiting until Konami decides to make the information official. So, while the franchises do not claim otherwise, there is a possibility that we can see both projects in the future.

By Geeke