The "kun" Agüero announced that his son joined the inferiors of an Argentine club

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Former soccer player Sergio “Kun” Agüero told in a live broadcast on Twitch that his son Benjamín joined the lower divisions of a club that currently disputes the Professional League Cup.

In a chat with the popular Argentine streamer Coscu, Agüero commented: “He started playing for the first time. Before he played in the neighborhood, but now he went to play for a team. He went to play for Tigre.”

Regarding how his arrival at Victoria’s team took place, the former Barcelona footballer revealed: “He went to Tigre because he says his best friend was going and well he went to play there. He went to try out last week and stayed” .

“I have to go see him because I’m quite demanding and quite honest about how he plays. If I’m going to see him, I don’t like to go and don’t try. If he wants to play and he likes it, I bank him and let’s go. If He’s going to play as a hobby, it’s not for me,” Agüero emphasized.

Lastly, the former Manchester City player commented: “Football and being an athlete is not easy. At this age, your studies are starting to stop, you study less. He’s happy, he’s enthusiastic. I’m going to go see him, I’m going to take it. I’m going to support him so that he can move forward”.

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