The fury of Ernestina Pais in a pharmacy chain

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This Monday from the program “A la Tarde” hosted by Karina Mazzocco they told in an enigmatic way that a famous driver would have had her furious day in a renowned pharmacy chain.

was the journalist Diego Esteves the one in charge of taking the clues to the name that finally communicated that it was Ernestine Pais, and then expanded the information.

“He made a scandal in one of those pharmacies that have a little of everything,” The journalist began by telling and then expanded.

“She had to go to a pharmacy for an emergency, she asked for a particular medicine, the original, but they didn’t have it and they only offered her generics”he continued.

“This seems silly, but you don’t know the scandal it unleashed. Medicines were flying… [y] people asked him to please stop”Esteves concluded.

However, from her official account, Ernestina published a story where we do not know for sure if she refers to the sayings in the cycle of America or to something else, but with a black background the driver wrote: “They lie”, without giving greater reasons.

In any case, Mazzocco tried to put cold cloths suggesting that it would be necessary to see in what context the events occurred and sent him a big kiss.

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