Julian Weich He has been hosting the program “Vivo para vos” on Channel 9 for some time, together with Carolina Papaleo, but for a few days, the driver has been very upset, inside the channel, due to the delay in delivering the air to Susana Roccasalvo.

Apparently, “Relentless” is usually four to five minutes over its schedule, and for this reason Weich’s program starts later and this delay greatly annoyed the host.

According to what Leo Arias indicated, the animator is furious and for this reason he requested an urgent meeting with the directors of the channel: “He is very hot because they are delivering him between 4/5 minutes late on an air channel. He requested an urgent meeting with the directory. The corridors of Canal 9 are burning,” he wrote on Twitter.

The curious release of Julian Weich for starting his program

However, last weekend, and when the delay was repeated again, Julián decided to protest by putting himself in a dog position, to settle the four minutes that he started late.

“In four because it’s 8:04 p.m. and I’m like his number says”Julián Weich said with irony.

By Geeke