The company that will auction Diego Maradona’s shirt denies Dalma

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The company Sotheby’s, which will be in charge of the million-dollar auction of the “supposed” shirt that Diego Armando Maradona sweated when he scored the two goals against England in Mexico ’86, assured the legitimacy of the jacket, after the family of the player denied its originality.

Yesterday, when the news received repercussions, it was Dalma Maradona who came out to say that said shirt is in the possession of his family. And that the one that would be disputed from April 20 to May 4, in an auction that is estimated to raise between 4 and 6 million pounds, is not the one used by his father.

Now from the agency they assure that, after carrying out an exhaustive study, they can ensure that said jacket that is in the possession of Steve Hodge is legitimate.

“Sotheby’s hired an outside company, ‘Resolution Photomatching’, which is highly respected in the world of sports memorabilia, to attempt to Photomatch. The team studied many photos from throughout the match and was able to find multiple conclusive matches for both goals,” indicates a statement published by the company after the great impact.

In turn, they are based on historical data that, among others, include the versions of Maradona and Hodges, where both have exchanged shirts.

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Among the points that the company highlights:

The player Steve Hodge claims to have exchanged it after the game. Maradona acknowledges in his book “My World Cup, My Truth” that he exchanged shirts with Hodge after the game and before entering the locker room. He spent 20 years in the National Football Museum in Manchester and in all that time nobody said that it was not the shirt with which he scored the two goals. Hodge’s story was even published by the FIFA website.

What is the version of Steve Hodge?

After the triumph of the Argentina team, the midfielder remembers having asked Diego Maradona for the shirt, according to his words he said: “I thought, I will not be here again. I’ll try to get a t-shirt… I shook hands with Maradona. He was being harassed by his classmates. So I thought: ‘It doesn’t make sense, just leave it’ “he began explaining.

And he continued with the story: “After the interview I went down to the locker room… While I was going down, Maradona was walking with two of his teammates. I met his eyes, tugged at my shirt as if to say ‘Is there any chance of a trade?’ He came up to me and said yes. And there we exchanged them, ”he revealed.

In turn, in the book that narrates the life of Diego Maradona written by Daniel Arucci: “My World Cup, my truth”, the journalist assures that the player told him: “On the way to the locker room, an Englishman, I think Hodge, I don’t know, I found out later, asked me to change my shirt. I told him yes and we changed it”he expressed.

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