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Hori’s Joy-Con controller works only in handheld mode and has a crosshairs.

Nintendo Switch it may be the favorite console of many gamers. It is manageable and offers different ways to play. However, the Joy Con controllers have suffered from drift problems on many occasions and the solution can be very expensive. There are alternative controls fully compatible and very cheap so you don’t spend money on another pair of Joy-Con. Hori’s model is the cheapest right now, since it only costs 19.99 euros at Amazon with a 20% discount, 20 euros less than an official Joy-Con controller.

Hori is a brand specializing in peripherals with official license. It has been selling a Joy-Con controller individually for a long time when Nintendo did not yet do so. is the cheapest solution to replace a damaged control outside the warranty period because without discount it costs 24.99 euros. Only now it also has a 20% discount and it’s even cheaper. It also stands out for its exclusive design inspired by Nintendo video games, but the cheapest is The Legend of Zelda. If you are not convinced, you can take a look at the best controllers for nintendo switchcompatible and official.

Hori Left D-Pad Controller

Hori’s controller has a ridiculous price: only 19.99 euros

Joy-Con Controller for Switch HORI

This Joy-Con controller has a design from The Legend of Zelda

With the Hori’s left controller you have everything you need to continue playing on Switch normally. But it has a big difference with the official Nintendo Joy-Con because it only works in portable mode. This means that you cannot play with the controller not docked on the console. Otherwise it works the same and has the same controls to play with the left stick or the button to make screenshots.

It only has one exception, since it includes a address cross, more useful for 2D games. Despite these details, it is a command with license that works perfectly in portable mode and has a very peculiar design. It is made with a matte finish on semi-translucent plastic that reveals the interior of the controller and with iconic details from The Legend of Zelda.

Hori Left D-Pad Controller

The best thing is the price because it can be the solution to your drift problems. This Joy-Con controller from Hori it costs only 19.99 euros on Amazon, at least 20 euros cheaper than an official Nintendo controller. Take advantage of this 20% discount that you have right now to get an additional controller para Switch.

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