The Marked Heart is one of the most popular shows on television. Since it first premiered a few weeks ago, the show has already earned a devoted following. Let’s take a closer look at the cast of the show. Read on to find out more about Camila, Simon, Martinez, and Brown. They all play incredibly important roles in the show. You’ll be surprised to discover how wonderful and talented they are.


The Marked Heart stars a diverse group of actors, including Ana Lucia Dominguez and Julian Cerati. Dominguez has worked with Chris Brown before and has appeared in Senora Acero. In The Marked Heart, she plays a mysterious woman named Camila, Simon’s new love interest. Camila suffers from mysterious flashbacks of her former lover Valeria, so she is determined to learn what happened to her.

Camila visits Simon and confesses her feelings to him. She also informs Simon’s children about the death of her mother. Using a new identity, Camila tries to protect her family but ends up losing everything. But she does not tell everyone, and only Simon and his children know about it. Meanwhile, Sarmiento sends Zacharias a new video of Camila.

Simon’s wife was murdered so that the wealthy woman who wanted her heart would have the chance to live. As a result, Simon gets drawn into the world of organ trafficking. Upon discovering the truth, he pays the killers for their crime.


Cast of the marked heart Martinez includes Ana Lucia Dominguez as Camilla, who receives a heart transplant, but it turns out that her transplant was stolen from another woman. Previously, she played in the same series as Michel Brown. She is also married to Jorge Cardenas. In addition, Emiliani has appeared in several other cinema productions. Here’s a quick look at who else makes up the cast.

The Marked Heart is a Colombian drama series that tells the story of a man named Simon whose wife Valeria is killed. The killer has taken her heart and transplanted it into another woman, Camila. Simon sets out to find the person who did it, but he must also deal with the guilt and feelings that he has. In the meantime, he falls in love with Camila and tries to find out the truth about his wife’s murder.

The Marked Heart is an ongoing Colombian television series created by Leonardo Padron and produced by CMO Producciones. The first episode aired on April 20, 2022, and was soon renewed for a second season.


Michel Brown and Diana Wiswell star as Simon and Chata Gomez, respectively. Their characters share a connection as they both had a heart transplant from someone else. Simon decides to seek revenge against the criminals who kidnapped Valeria. Despite the risk, Simon and Camila fall in love.

The Marked Heart has a complex storyline, with a mix of amateur detective work and mystical fantasy. At times, it can feel dense, which may turn off some viewers. However, some will appreciate it as an intense contemporary telenovela. However, one should bear in mind that The Marked Heart is not available everywhere.

A Colombian crime drama, The Marked Heart follows a man who is willing to do anything to save his wife. In the series, Simon has to fight against a group of gangsters who are out to get his wife. The actors portray the character Simon with passion and determination.

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