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The fourth season of The Boy confirms the first of his signings.

28/08/2022 16:00

Since its first season, The Boys has been a hurricane of popularity thanks to its ultra violent and foul mouthed proposal that parodies classic superhero movies and comics. Apart from Carl Urban and Anthony Starr as eternal rivals in fiction, the third season featured another well-known and beloved face of television, Jensen Ackles (Supernatural), and for the fourth season the bet will be raised even more by signing one of the most popular actors of The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan on The Walking Dead, has confirmed his participation in the fourth season of The Boys, where he will play a recurring character whose identity has not yet been revealed. Having seen his role in The Walkking Dead and that he already has experience in being a badass superhero after his role as the Commander on the Watchmen tape, he seems like a great signing for the Prime Video production.

The Boys: un popular actor de The Walking Dead se une a la temporada 4

Promotional poster for the third season of The Boys

When it began to be news in all the media, Jeffrey Dean Morgan himself confirmed it on social networks by citing the tweet of one of his future co-stars, Jack Quaid, who plays Hugh Campbell. They seem to be on good terms and the actor is excited on social networks for the opportunity to participate in The Boys. .


At the moment it is known that The recordings of the fourth season of The Boys have already begun, so it will not take long for images and details of the character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan to leak as soon as he steps on the filming sets. The fourth season of The Boys is expected to be ready between the end of 2023 and 2024, although at the moment it is difficult to say. Lately it is difficult to give a date so lightly and that it ends up being fulfilled.

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