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Whether you like your beer dark or light, pilsner or stout, or just like your beer a little different, there is something for everyone in the beer universe. From a local microbrewery to an international beer festival, there is a place for everyone in this universe. The key is finding your drink and enjoying it!


Traditionally, a stout is synonymous with a dark beer. However, the dark beer phenomenon is not as prevalent as it once was. Nonetheless, dark beer does have its merits. The stout is a drinkable concoction of roasted malts and unfermented sugars, which provide a pleasingly rich flavor and aroma.

The BJCP, or the Brewers Association, defines the stout as a “stout that’s both full-bodied and alcoholic. It is also the best-selling beer in the United States. The best-known stout in the world is Guinness. In fact, Guinness is the world’s largest exporter of stout, with more than 49 billion gallons of the stuff sold globally annually.

Stouts in the beer universe are diverse, spanning the gamut from pale to dark to black to bourbon-aged. While the aforementioned Black Chocolate Stout may be the best known stout in the United States, it’s not the only one. Some of the lesser known stouts include the Oatmeal Stout, the Silver Meso, and the aforementioned Black.


Among the plethora of types of beer, pilsners are a top choice. These are refreshing brews that are great for the warm summer days and nights. Pilsners can be enjoyed in a number of styles, including German, Czech, and American. The classic German style pilsner is pale to straw in color with a balanced sweetness and medium to high hop bitterness. The Czech pilsner, on the other hand, is darker in color and offers a more robust flavor.

The Yuengling Golden Pilsner is a fine example of the best of both worlds. A modern twist on a centuries old German style pilsner, this refreshing beer is the perfect accompaniment to a long hot summer day spent mowing the lawn or simply relaxing in the sunshine. It boasts a perfect balance of malt and hop character, making it the perfect beer to enjoy after a long day at work.

The Yuengling Golden Pilsner also deserves a round of applause for being a highly sessionable beer that offers a variety of flavors. It is made with a blend of Pilsner, Crystal, and Munich malts, making it an all-around brew that is both flavorful and low in calories.


Whether you are a beer lover or just looking for a new type of beer, sour beer is a unique and exciting drink to enjoy. This type of beer is fermented with wild yeasts and bacteria, and is not made with traditional brewer’s yeast.

Sours are different from other types of beer because they are acidic. They also have a low alcohol content. This is especially appealing to consumers looking for an easy-to-drink beer. You can find sour beers in a variety of styles and flavors. Some have fruit and peach flavors, while others have a more sour taste. There are also snifters and oversized wine glasses that you can use to serve sour beers.

Usually, sour beers are stored in wooden barrels. They are also stored on the side of the barrel to keep the cork moist. The length of time needed for sour beers to age varies depending on the type. Most sour beers average around three to five percent alcohol by volume.

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