The 19 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

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If you love horror movies and you’re wondering what you can watch of this genre on Netflix, here we offer you a selection of the 19 best recent horror movies available on the platform.

A list with good titles released between 2019 and 2021 for every taste.

1. The Phone (2020)

Direction: Lee Chung Hyun

This critically acclaimed South Korean film is a mix of genres ranging from fantasy to psychological horror.

Its plot revolves around two women who, despite living in different times, can communicate through a wireless phone. It all starts when the young Seo-yeon goes to visit her sick mother, then she receives a call from a woman who lives in 1999 and who claims she is being tortured by her mother.

2. The street of terror. Part 1:1994 (2021)

Still from the movie Terror Street

Direction: Leigh Janiak

It is the first film in the Terror Street trilogy, which in turn is based on the homonymous books by RL Stine.

It is set in the 90s, in a city in Ohio, a group of young people become aware of a series of events that have terrified its population for centuries and that could have something to do with each other. They soon decide to stand up to him, despite the danger.

If you start the trilogy, it is recommended to also watch the second installment La calle del terror. Part 2: 1978 (2021), and the third Terror Street. Part 3: 1666 (2021).

3. Voices (2020)

Still from the movie Voices

Direction: Angel Gomez Hernandez

This film about haunted houses that, although conventional, stands out for managing tension and for arousing easy fright. It also manages to recreate an admirable sinister atmosphere.

A family made up of father, mother and son acquire a property with the intention of remodeling it. Soon, the boy begins to hear EVP and, although the parents do not pay much attention at first, then they also hear them.

4. #Alive (2020)

Live movie frame

Direction: Il Cho

This South Korean film is ideal if you like zombie horror movies. #Vivo is a film where terror and chaos are guaranteed. It revolves around a boy who, after the transmission of an unknown virus, is barricaded in his apartment while he tries to find his way out.

5. Alien House (2020)

A still from the movie House of Others

Direction: Remi Weekes

This film about haunted houses, actually, hides a deep message of the social drama of immigration.

A Sudanese couple decides to seek asylum in England, after leaving their country in permanent conflict. When they arrive at their new home, located in a small English town, they discover that they are not alone and that it will not be easy to live in peace.

6. The Hole (2019)

Frame from the movie The Hole

Direction: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

In a prison the prisoners are divided by levels. On the upper floors, inmates enjoy rich delicacies, while those on lower levels have to make do with leftovers. George is a man who has volunteered to be imprisoned to climb the social ladder, so he goes through different levels.

7. Oxygen (2021)

Still from the movie Oxygen

Direction: Alexandre Aja

This survival thriller will make you tense for much of its viewing. It’s not a scary movie, but it is suffocating.

A woman wakes up in an airtight medical chamber, where oxygen levels are slowly dropping. In order to get out of there she must remember what happened, although her condition prevents her from doing so.

8. I’m thinking of quitting (2020)

Still from the movie I'm Thinking About Quitting

Direction: charlie kaufman

It is a psychological thriller film that, although it is not terrifying, is disconcerting and knows how to keep the intrigue.

A girl, who has doubts about whether or not to go ahead with their relationship, travels with her partner to visit his family in a remote house. There she meets the sinister parents of her partner, and she begins to experience strange events that make her rethink her relationship and even her own identity.

9. Subzero (2021)

Frame from the movie Bajocero

Direction: Lluis Quilez

A film that drinks from the horror genre and that has the perfect tension to keep you on your toes for more than 100 minutes.

When prisoners are transferred from one prison to another on a cold winter night, the van in which they are traveling is robbed. Someone goes looking for a prisoner, but Martín, the driver of the armored van, manages to take shelter with the inmates and tries to do his job.

10. House of Terror (2019)

Frame from the movie House of Terror

Direction: Scott Beck and Bryan Woods

Halloween, a haunted house and a group of friends are the main ingredients of this terrifying and bloody movie that will not leave you indifferent.

Harper is a young woman who has just broken up with her partner and decides to go out on Halloween night with her friends. Soon, the plan turns into entering a mysterious and terrifying house with fairground attractions, what they don’t know is that crimes of all kinds are committed in the passage.

11. Underwater Hell (2019)

Frame from the movie Hell Underwater

Direction: Michael Rasmussen and Shawn Rasmussen

This natural disaster survival movie will take you into a terrifying abyss.

The film centers on a young woman who, when a Category 5 hurricane hits her town, goes to any lengths to rescue her father. She soon gets trapped in the basement of her house with her father, while the water covers the place and where crocodiles begin to appear.

12. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)

Still from the movie Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Direction: Andre Ovredal

This film produced by Guillermo del Toro, among others, is inspired by a series of homonymous children’s stories.

A mysterious town and a group of teenagers are the main components of this film. It is set in 1968, when some young people go begging on Halloween night and arrive at a mysterious abandoned house with a reputation for being terrifying. There they find a horror book, whose stories gradually come to life.

13. In the Tall Grass (2019)

Still from the movie In the Tall Grass

Direction: Vincenzo Nataly

This film rescues the story of the book of the same name by the genius of horror literature Stephen King. It is a film that will catch you for its truly distressing moments.

When two brothers hear the voice of a child in the grass, they decide to go in to rescue him. What seems simple turns into a real nightmare when they discover that it is not easy to escape from there.

14. Krasue: Inhuman Kiss (2019)

Still from the movie Krasue: Inhuman Kiss

Direction: Sitisiri Mongkolsiri

This Thai film, which mixes terror and romance, is inspired by mythological beings from Southeast Asian folklore such as the Krasue, female specters that appear at night and have only their heads.

In a remote place, the young Sai discovers that they have the curse of the Krasue. During the nights she turns into a blood-seeking evil spirit that has ravaged the neighbors’ animals. This fact will put her friends Jerd and Noi against each other, who seek the affection of the teenager while trying to hunt down the strange creature.

15. The Old Ways (2020)

Still from the movie The Old Ways

Direction: Christopher Alender

It is a horror film about demonic possession that does not leave you indifferent.

It is set in Veracruz (Mexico), where the protagonist of this story travels to delve into her origins. She is a reporter and is immersed in an investigation related to tribal culture. Her job leads her to be kidnapped when some members of her think she is possessed by the devil and they have to un-bewitch her.

16. Blood Red Sky (2021)

Blood red sky movie still

Direction: Peter Thorwarth

It is an ideal film for those who enjoy gore and action cinema. It is a film that manages to permeate the viewer.

It focuses on a woman who, while on a flight with her son, the plane is hijacked by terrorists. Then, she must reveal a dark secret that she has been hiding for years: she is actually a fearsome vampire.

17. Tales at Nightfall (2021)

Scene from the movie Tales at Nightfall

Direction: David Yarovsky

Tales at Nightfall (2021) is based on the homonymous children’s horror novel by JA White. It is an ideal film to watch as a family, also with the little ones in the house, since it mixes terror, comedy and fantasy.

Alex, a young man completely obsessed with scary stories, is trapped in a witch’s apartment. There he meets Yasmine, who also lives there kidnapped. They soon realize that to survive they must tell a scary story every night.

18. Bulbul (2020)

Still from the movie Bulbbul

Direction: Anvita Dutt Guptan

This Indian film is set at the end of the 19th century, and stars a girl who is forced to marry an older man and lead a life that is not hers. Meanwhile, a series of supernatural events are present in the place where she lives.

19. Malasana 32 (2020)

Frame from the film Malasaña 32

Direction: Albert Pinto

This title is ideal to enjoy a horror story based on real events that took place in the Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña.

When a family moves to an apartment in the well-known district of Madrid in search of a new life, they soon discover that there is someone else in their house.

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