It seems like technology is constantly coming and going. Even once beloved messaging platforms like BlackBerry Messenger have shut down in recent years. And things like portable CD players have long been replaced by smartphones. Technology is always changing and evolving.

As a result, many products that were once must-have items are now cluttering up thrift store shelves and sitting unwanted in boxes in storage units. Some things, though, will likely never go out of style. While the exact technology that powers them will continue to evolve, these products will always be around in one form or another. Here are a few examples of technological items that are unlikely to ever leave us.

Technology That Will Never Go Out of Style

1. Computers

Technology That Will Never Go Out of Style

This one is the most obvious. Computers have become too much of a part of our everyday lives to ever disappear completely. While the tech that powers them has changed dramatically over the past several decades, the devices themselves have been mainstays in our lives for years. Unless we find ourselves in a dystopian future where we have been forced to go back to living like our ancestors, we will always need computers for everything from staying in touch with family and friends to controlling some of the most powerful devices and systems known to man.

2. Printers

Some people feel that print is going obsolete, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Beacuse best printer in the market will be very handy. While it’s true that we are able to accomplish more things digitally now, there is still a huge need for printed materials. We will always need to print certain documents and will want to print treasured family photos. We may not need to print everything anymore, but there is still a lot of stuff that we do print.

Technology That Will Never Go Out of Style

If anything, printers will only become better and more efficient. Over the course of the past decade, consumer-grade printers have improved significantly in quality and are now capable of output that rivals that of high-end professional devices. Inkjet cartridges have gotten better, too. Manufacturers are working to create ink and toner refills that are more efficient, cost less, and cause less harm to the environment. Someday, the printers we use in our homes may look nothing like the ones we have today. They will, however, continue to exist in some form.

3. Smartphones

The must-have smartphones of tomorrow may be completely different from the ones we have today, but the devices as a whole are not going anywhere.

In the United States alone, 77% of the population owns a smartphone. We use these portable devices for everything from making phone calls and sending texts to browsing the web, shopping, doing our banking, and more. They have made it possible to do just about everything that can be done on a computer, and they have, in many ways, changed our lives.

Technology That Will Never Go Out of Style

Smartphone technology continues to evolve on a daily basis. Manufacturers are constantly implementing new features that make it possible to do all sorts of things with our handheld devices. With each new release, smartphones become … well … smarter and more powerful than ever before. While they didn’t even exist just a few decades ago, they have become integral parts of their lives and are not going anywhere.

4. Gaming Systems

Gaming is a huge industry, and it’s come a long way since the age of the Atari. Today’s advanced gaming systems have graphics that are so realistic that it almost feels like you are watching a movie while playing. While mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular, you shouldn’t expect consoles to disappear anytime soon. Brands like Microsoft and Sony invest huge sums of money into their systems, and the investment always pays off. Each new generation sees a host of improvements and new features, and gamers willingly gobble them up.

Technology That Will Never Go Out of Style

While video game consoles haven’t exactly changed our lives in the same ways in which computers and smartphones have, they have altered the ways in which we entertain ourselves. They’ve even made it possible to connect with people around the world while sharing a common interest. The system you are using today may go “out of style” but, as a whole, video game consoles are here to stay.

5. E-Readers

E-readers are a relative newcomer to the world of technology, but don’t expect them to disappear anytime soon. These portable devices are slim, lightweight, and capable of holding thousands of books. While there is something special about reading a “real” book, e-books are more affordable and can be downloaded in an instant. There is no need to go to the store or wait for an order to arrive in the mail. Some college textbooks are even available in e-book format.

Technology That Will Never Go Out of Style

E-readers do come in many different forms. There are dedicated devices, such as the Kindle, as well as apps that can be installed on smartphones and tablets. Whichever option you prefer, you can feel confident that the books you download today will be available to read on e-reader devices in the future. Like everything else on this list, the specific devices may change, but the technology behind them will be around forever.

The Bottom Line

While technology is constantly changing, there are certain items that have become so ingrained in our everyday lives that they are unlikely to go anywhere. Their exact designs and features will continue to evolve, but certain types of technology will continue to exist in some form forever.

We will all probably be using things like computers, inkjet printers, and smartphones up until the day we die. Such devices have improved our lives in countless ways and, while some didn’t even exist just a few short decades ago, they are now things that we are unable to live without.

By Geeke