Tax Relief The project obtained a unanimous opinion in the

The Budget and Finance Commission of the Senate of the Nation signed the opinion of the Tax Relief Law project to benefit 4.5 million monotributistas and 140,000 self-employed, which has already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies. In addition, it was resolved that the issue be brought to the venue on June 30.

“We want to respond as quickly as possible to this issue,” said the head of the block of senators from the Front for All, José Mayans, during the commission meeting in which he anticipated: “On June 30 we will treat him on the premises”.

During his turn, the vice president of the commission, the radical from Chaco, Víctor Zimmermann, considered that the project “it is a bad patch”, and he emphasized that Together for Change will ask for some changes in the venue, although he pointed out that the opposition “will vote in general in favor of the initiative”.

The bill presented by the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, seeks, on the one hand, to update the billing of monotributistas to prevent them from having to change categories and pay higher fees and, on the other, to increase the deductions from profits that employees who are in the self-employed category are paid.

The changes add new benefits for the sectors with the lowest turnover and increase the maximum amount of the first four categories of the Monotax by 60%. In addition, in the first two -A and B- the payment of the tax component was eliminated, so the monthly fee will be $288 and $555 per month, respectively.

To give progressivity to the measure, this benefit will be for “pure” monotributistas, that is, for those who do not have other income, whether from retirement, dependency relationship, financial income or real estate rental.

According to the original ruling, the billing that each category of the monotax may reach will be the following: Category A $748,382; Category B $1,112,459; Category $1,557,443; Category D $1,934,273; Category E $2,277,684.56; Category F $2,847,105.70; Category G $3,416,526.83; Category H $4,229,985.60; Category I $4,734,330.03; Category J $5,425,770.00; and Category K $6,019,594.89.

Likewise, it was specified that an increase in the monthly installments to be paid will not be included, since an update of the maximum billing limits is only sought so that the monotributistas do not have to jump to a larger scale, or be left out of the Simplified Regime.

With regard to the self-employed, the project provides for 2 to 2.5 times the special deduction for the self-employed and triples that of new professionals.

By Geeke