Taiana said that 11 officers were suspended from the Army

“I am moved, it is horrible what has happened, we found out on Sunday, the complaint was launched before the court for the dubious death of a young man, Matías (who) turned 22 on June 11. It is unacceptable that there has been excesses at a welcome reception for colleagues,” said Jorge Taiana in dialogue with Radio 10.

The young man, a native of the Córdoba city of Río Cuarto, died after having participated together with his companions and chiefs of the Artillery Group No. 3 of the Argentine Army in an initiation celebration in the military unit and prosecutor Mauro Casco reported yesterday that the autopsy determined that death was caused by bronchial aspiration.

Chirino had to be transferred to the San José hospital in Paso de los Libres, where he later died.

The Minister of Defense reported that together with the administrative investigation of the military justice for which “the 11 officers who participated in the barbecue were suspended, due to allegedly serious misconduct, there is Justice, which has our full support.”

Regarding what happened, he maintained that “they were given a welcome barbecue, but there was an extraordinary consumption of alcohol and the information gives that (Matías) was not used to it, they went to sleep and the boy fell ill and died of bronchial aspiration.”

“There was a deformation in command, an abuse, that is what the father denounces, I spoke with him last night,” he added and affirmed that there must be “zero tolerance because there is responsibility and it was a reception that was completely out of control” .

Ezequiel Chirino, father of the 22-year-old, from the city of Río Cuarto in Córdoba, said yesterday that his son “was killed” and that it was an act of “abuse of authority” by officers of the Artillery Group No. 3 of the Army Argentine, based in the distant city 370 kilometers southeast of the city of Corrientes.

By Geeke