Taiana claimed that the British "they will have to negotiate" sovereignty in the Malvinas

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Defense Minister Jorge Taiana said that the British authorities “will already have to negotiate” the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands and remarked that Argentina has “many and varied reasons” to claim its position.

In this sense, the head of the Defense portfolio accused Great Britain of “doing nothing” during his visit to the icebreaker Almirante Irízar, near Ushuaia. “They will have to negotiate, we will insist, we will persist and we will create the conditions so that they have to go to that negotiating table to discuss sovereignty and then we will see who is right,” he said in an interview with Santa Fe’s LT9 radio.

The minister was part, together with a group of surviving veterans of the ARA General Belgrano cruise ship, in a tribute to the victims where it was sunk 40 years ago by a British submarine during the Falklands War: “It is clear that in Argentina we have many and very various reasons: historical, geographical, geological, economic and social, etcetera, etcetera,” he commented on the Argentine arguments for claiming sovereignty over the islands.

In addition, with respect to the British refusal, he alluded to the phrase “the perfidious Albion”, coined in the poem “L’ere des Français” by the French poet Augustin Louis Ximénès (1728-1817), to explain the attitude of the English.

“There is a poem out there that speaks of the ‘perfidious Albion’, right?”, he commented and was optimistic that the Malvinas will be recovered. “They are going to do it, they have done it in other places, they have done it in Hong Kong, in many places they have abandoned colonial positions”, he added and indicated that Great Britain uses a “double standard”, since “in our case Malvinas say that they cannot negotiate because the self-determination of the islanders must be respected”.

In this way, he compared it to the current war in Ukraine: “When it comes to Ukraine it turns out that there is no question of self-determination for the Ukrainians of Donbas, it seems that they do not want to belong to Ukraine, and that is an issue that is not it can touch. It seems that there the territorial integrity is valid for Ukraine that they do not respect for Argentina,” he stressed.

“They have no principles, they have interests, and based on those interests they accommodate themselves,” he pointed out and concluded: “When will we make them sit down? (at the negotiating table): When we are strong as a country and when we have a regional integration that makes that the British realize that it is better to negotiate than to persist in their denial”.

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