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The film will be released in theaters on March 31 in Spain.

It seemed unbelievable when, after the experience of the 90s, Nintendo dared to take Super Mario to the cinemaespecially knowing the disaster caused by the aforementioned film starring Bob Hoskins and that the actor confirmed that it was his biggest mistake starring in this film. However, a few years ago the Japanese company surprised by confirming that they were expanding the scope of your licensesbeginning with the expansion of the Super Mario universe with both its own amusement park and your movie.

Since then, it has been possible to see that the production process has been long and extensive, this being the film that has led Shigeru Miyamoto to move away from video games in order to achieve the minimum quality that Nintendo requires for its products. Of course, between pandemics and delays it seemed that the film was never going to come out, since we have not even been able to see any progress of it. Until now.

Mario will face Bowser to save the Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario Bros. The movie premieres its first trailer and it's better than you expect

Mario’s appearance in his animated film is finally presented

After a Nintendo Direct in which Miyamoto has presented the film together with the voices of Mario and Bowser, as well as with the producer of Illumination, we have been able to see the Long-awaited and long-awaited trailer for Super Mario Bros. The Movie, being so that this has been in charge of presenting some of the characters. You can take a look at it below:

It should be noted that at the moment the trailer for the film is only available in englishbeing, in fact, Mario and Bowser the ones who do most of the talking, which makes a lot of sense to the fact that Chris Pratt and Jack Black have been the ones who have participated during the Nintendo Direct.

On the other hand, it must be said that the film still has many more characters to present, giving rise to the fact that there are still to be seen. Donkey Kong, la princesa Peach, Yoshi, among many others. In fact, we’ve already had a brief look at Luigidespite not having been able to hear his voice at the same time Kamek and Toad have had their participation.

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