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Control Ultimate Edition is available with a supernatural offer on Steam for a very limited time: today only.

22/09/2022 16:50

If you like to enjoy games on Steam at the best possible price, you will know that the Valve platform usually includes incredible offers with which you can get fantastic titles for PC for much less than usual thanks to temporary promotions. This is precisely the case of the most impressive game of recent years, which is at a 40% discount. However, if what you like are action games with supernatural elementspay attention, because the game we bring you is the best in that field.

And we don’t want to delay too much, since the promotion has a shorter duration than normal: ends todayso you will have to be quick if you want to get hold of Control Ultimate Edition at an impressive price. At this time, Steam leaves it to only 9.99 eurosand 75% discount compared to its usual price, so you can get one of the most interesting titles of recent years for less than 10 euros. Also, the Ultimate Edition It has all the DLC’s. released after its official release.

Controller Ultimate Edition for PC for €9.99

Control Ultimate Edition, an action game with an impressive story

Control exudes freshness. His characters do not obey any cliché and there is an element of unpredictability that will accompany us throughout his story. The Hiss is full of mystery and as we advance in the plot we will discover the extent of its power. Such seem to me the possibilities that this work offers, that would invite its creators to consider creating a series, novel or comic that recounts the events that we experience in Control”, commented our colleague Marina Martínez in her analysis of the game.


Control is an action game with many visual effects on the screen.

In this way, do not hesitate to take advantage of the offer offered by Steam to get Control Ultimate Edition for 9.99 euros, since there are only a few hours left for the promotion to end and return to its usual price.

Controller Ultimate Edition for PC for €9.99

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