Starfield arte oficial

Starfield shows off some of its most promising features.

Official Starfield art.

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We all agree that currently, Starfield is one of the most anticipated installments in the world of video games, if not the most. The hype and the illusion that it is generating is worth mentioning, not in vain there are already many people who classify it as the GOTY without possible discussion. It is clear that Bethesda works very well and the players know it.

After the official announcement, we know that Starfield will be released in September and many people believe that it will be inspired by titles like Fallout 4, especially after seeing some clue that has led us to think that it can have functions similar to the aforementioned title. Although there are still a few months left to enjoy this incredible RPG, the new from Bethesda already has an official date.

Starfield Could Include One Of Your Favorite Fallout Features

We cannot deny that after the announcement to confirm the departure date, many of the fans who expect this title have started to analyze each image, practically frame by frame. Especially after noticing that behind Todd Howard was a screen with images of the game itself. And it is that despite the fact that he could see something blurry when enlarging, these researchers went further.

And a detail that did not go unnoticed is the weapons system that Starfield will have. The image was uploaded by Reddit user pingpy; in it we can see Todd Howard and behind, an image of the weapons menu. Apparently we can have the addition of favorite weapons to a radial menu that will make things easier for us.

Starfield sistema armas

Starfield shows what its weapon system would look like

It is quite logical that Bethesda uses ideas from installments prior to Fallout, the study has left us with great works in the RPG world such as The Elder Scrolls or the aforementioned saga, Fallout. And it is that we are facing really solid deliveries capable of captivating millions of players years after their respective launches.

It is true that we still have a few months to enjoy Starfield, but It comforts us to know that at least we already have a day set to sail through space and explore the wide world that it will offer us. this new title. In addition, he remembers that soon there will also be an event dedicated exclusively to Starfield. And before I forget… You’ll be able to enjoy it from the day of launch on Xbox Game Pass, a really incredible addition.

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