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The future of STALKER 2 hangs in the balance.

09/09/2022 21:30

Due to the outbreak of war in the Ukraine, the GSC World team had to stop the development of STALKER 2, as the situation was not safe. Several members of the team even had to march to the front, as we saw in the documentary broadcast during the Xbox Extended Showcase last June. Currently, the game has passed to have undetermined release date and soon the money will be returned to those who had it reserved.

Months after the start of the war it became known that the GSC World team is still working on STALKER 2 after moving their offices to the neighboring Czech Republic, but it seems that the delay in the development plans has been so important that they don’t see themselves in the capacity to even provide a new release date. Although it is indicative.

STALKER 2 is updated with an indefinite date and promises returns

Xbox kicks off STALKER 2 returns

According to the Polish portal XGP, it has already been withdrawn the option to reserve STALKER 2 in the game listing in the Xbox store due to the fact that it now has an “unconfirmed” release date. Those who pre-ordered the game will soon receive a refund. After its last delay due to the war, the Ukrainian team set its launch in 2023, although that date may not be met either.

Currently STALKER 2 seems to be in a limbo in which its launch is really in danger. Before the outbreak of the war he planned his launch exclusively for Xbox and PC consoles this same 2022, launch on Xbox Game Pass. Later it is to be expected that it will reach Playstation consoles, but now we will see if it even completes its development.

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The last thing that could be seen of the game in motion was the introductory video sequence that the team showed during the celebration of the Xbox Extended Showcase last June, where the GSC World team received a more than deserved tribute. We will see if in the coming months there will be news of the game again.

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